Seekay’s Debut EP Reflections Brings To Life The Perfect Equilibrium Between Pain And Hope

Poet, songwriter, and producer Seekay starts the year in the best of shapes with the release of his debut EP titled Reflections. The soulful vocals gracefully floating atop atmospheric electronica soundscapes helped Seekay build  one of the most artistic acts we’ve witnessed since the beginning of the year. A mysterious artist, Seekay prefers his art to do the talking, and he rarely chooses to expose photos of himself while he has mentioned in the past that he dislikes artists who show a strong cult of their personality. 

Seekay is first and foremost a healer, an occurrence explained by the fact that he had to experience many forms of abuse growing-up and strives to be an advocate of the cause to help those struggling with similar issues overcome their traumas and start living again. 

Reflections is all about suffering and pain while always counterbalancing the toxic and negative elements with healing and hope. The perfect equilibrium Seekay manages to bring to life is present on each track of the EP, especially vivid on “Fall” and “Hold,” two of the most beautiful songs that feature the gorgeous Chloe on vocals. 

We hope to hear more from the Australian artist in 2021, but meanwhile, make sure to stream this unique collection of dreamy-electro-pop songs by a truly inspired soul.   

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Writer about the best entrepreneurs, musicians and tech news.

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