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Nathan Khider – A Typical Day For One of London’s Top Entrepreneurs

Nathan Khider is known in the UK for his positive mindset and infectious attitude. We wanted to find out what typical day for Nathan is like. 

Nathan Khider says “It is true, I do have a positive mindset and always try to start my day with the right attitude. Starting the day right means ending the night before in a positive way. Getting the right amount of sleep is important too, so let’s start with the morning for now. I wake up between 7.30 and 8.30 depending on when my first meeting for the day is, I rarely book in meetings before 11.00am as this gives me plenty of time to get through messages, emails and social media. I start with a large glass of water to get myself rehydrated as we lose so much hydration during sleep.

After 11.00am I then start my meetings, such as podcasts, going to a client’s property or meeting a new client to discuss how we can help each other in new venture whether that be in property or a new start-up. I don’t actually eat during the day for several reasons, one it slows me down, if I eat during the day I tend to feel tired afterwards and it stops me from being as productive; two, I’d lose an hour of my day eating when I could be more productive with my time and three, I can then eat whatever I want for dinner without feeling guilty. 

Once my meetings are done, I then get all of my admin done before any further meetings in the afternoon (I tend not to do more than 2 meetings a day). I always try and get some form of exercise in at some part of the day which is usually after 6 pm so I will either play football or go to the gym for an hour or so.

After exercising I will either be going out for dinner or will have a takeaway at home, watch some TV then go to bed. Once I’m in bed my phone is off and I don’t look at it until the morning and then we do it all over again.”

You can follow Nathan’s day on his Instagram @nathankhider

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