Madden 21 QB Slide Tips: How To Slide With The Quarterback?

We will present some tips and tricks through this guide for the Madden 21 game and guide you how to make a cursor slide with the quarterback, we hope you can help.

In this Madden 21 game you will have to face the players with the movements of Superstar X Factor, this makes their opponents more difficult to beat. If you start playing football here, you will learn how to slide with the quarterback and become a monster to your opponents without spending your Madden 21 Coins for top rated players.

How To Slide With Your QB in Madden NFL 21?

If you are a beginner in Madden 21, you are not only need collect Madden coins but also should know that when the quarterback brings the ball past the scrimmage line, you can slip and surrender that way you can secure the yards collected, so that you can slip with the quarterback. As we can see in a real NFL game, quarterback players are vital players in the same way this game is happening, but there is one more reason, in the sliding game it may seem to give up but it’s not true it’s just smart movement in the game.

What Should We Consider When Doing QB Slider in Madden 21?

There are 2 important things you need to take into consideration in Madden 21 to be able to make a slider with the quarterback, first you need to start your slide half a second before he gets to contact another player. Only one tap is needed to start the animation. This way you will be marked from the beginning of your policy.

Once QB crosses the scrimmage line you will already be a runner. Therefore, it is necessary to hold the impulse button when crossing the line. Now if you press the dive button while your wrist is pressed, you will dive.

Once this is done, the QB will slow down, put the ball and slide the feet, this is a very interesting trick. Then he will blow the whistle and everything will stop, we advise you not to be afraid to slip, this way you will protect your quarterback and your ball can get an extra yard or 2. You can do this if you don’t want to become a fourth.

Thanks for preferring our guide to Madden 21, we hope our tips and tricks have been very useful especially to scroll with the quarterback, remember to visit AOEAH.COM every day as we will have more news.

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