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How to deal with annoying housemates at your student accommodation

University years are the best years of your life. At least that’s what they say. The first few weeks in shared accommodation are great as you’re all getting to know each other and settling in. But as the weeks turn into months, you soon realise that there are many different types of people and – on top of juggling social events with deadlines and budgeting your money so you can afford the bills – you’re having to learn how to cope with irritating housemates.

Here we take a look at the some of the most difficult characters to live with at university and share a few tips on how to handle them rationally – including booking a room at the right student accommodation in Bolton, for example.

So, let’s get started. 

The nagger – many students go to uni seeking independence. It’s a break from being told what to do by your parents, allowing you to do what you like, when you like and however you like. Unless you share your student accommodation with a nagger that is. They disapprove of your antics, lecture you on simple things you forgot to do and refuse to partake in social gatherings.

Though it may seem like they are always on your back, they mean well and usually have a big heart. Try not to bite their head off when they’re having a moan. In fact, their tenacity can come in handy when there is an issue with your student house as they won’t give up until the problem is resolved.

The party animal – sharing accommodation with students who love partying and going on nights out is all well and good, but there’s always someone who seems to take things too far. They are too drunk to make it up the stairs so end up kipping on the sofa – making the living room stink of stale smoke and booze. Or they wake you up at 4am because they can’t find their keys or they need money to pay the taxi driver. These people are wild and can’t say no to a night on the town but there are a few things you can do to teach them a lesson…

If they’re slumped on the sofa, nursing a hangover from hell, try turning the lights on and making as much noise as possible. Make it known that you don’t approve of them waking you up at the crack of dawn and asking you for money so they can fund boozy nights out. 

The spoilt brat – we’ve all met one at some point. They tend to be kitted out in designer gear, head to toe, driving around in a brand new car or forever on the phone asking mummy and daddy for cash handouts. But living with a spoiled brat at university can be difficult because money is no object to them, so they will think nothing less than running up the bills and kicking up a fuss about doing the grim (but essential) tasks of daily life.

As much as it might pain you to be friendly and reasonable when dealing with someone who isn’t used to being told what to do, it’s the best thing you can do. Politely remind them that not everyone can afford to leave the central heating on all day and they have to pull their weight just as much as the other housemates.

The messy one – every student house or halls has one! They leave their dishes by the sink (never in the sink or washed up), shoes plonked in the middle of the floor and scarper to their room when there’s talk of straightening things up. And if you’re naturally a tidy person, or someone who can’t stand mess, you might find yourself doing their dirty work for them. Well, not anymore! 

Devise a cleaning rota for everything that needs doing – from washing up the pots on an evening to taking the bins out and giving the floor a quick vacuum or mop. And after a house party, make sure that everyone mucks in. It may seem a tad excessive but it’s the best way to keep the house clean and to prevent messy housemates getting away with murder.

The joker – when you’re feeling homesick or stressed, you can always count on the comedian to put a smile on your face. But on a more serious note, they can take it too far and have you on the verge of tears with one tiny remark or prank.

You might consider pranking them back but it could backfire and cause animosity amongst your student accommodation Liverpool. That’s why it’s probably best you quit laughing at their rubbish jokes and silly pranks. The chances are, if they don’t get a reaction, they’ll soon get bored and take their practical jokes elsewhere.

The quiet one – not everyone is keen on social interactions. Some would much rather spend time in their room studying, playing video games or going home at weekends. In fact, they may only come out of their rooms for food and drink and to attend lectures.

Though you might not see them very much, be thankful that they pay their share of the rent yet never wake you up with blaring music or drunken antics. If you really wanted, you could have a chat with them to make sure they are ok. After all, a problem shared is a problem halved. 

…the best thing you can do to avoid tricky housemates?

Not having a nice place to live will make things even harder, so make sure you choose your student accommodation wisely to make the transition as smooth as possible. 

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