Everything you Need to Know About Vaping Etiquette At Festivals

For many of us, music festivals can be a home away from home, albeit with a few less luxuries. The bathroom situation is probably the biggest concern for a lot of us, but for vapers, using an e-cig can look like a serious issue. The use of e-cigarettes (e-cigs, vapes, or whatever you like to call them) is becoming increasingly popular, with many using them as an effective alternative to smoking.

E-cigs are definitely something this demographic would want with them at a festival, especially if they are trying to stop smoking. Vaping can offer relief from cravings, and at a festival there’s sure to be a great deal of temptation from the smoker’s in attendance. So, to help out, we thought we’d whip up a quick guide for vaping at festivals.

Can I take my e-cigarette to a festival?

Yes! Currently there are no laws against taking e-cigs into a festival, which is a great start. This means that if you are quitting smoking, you won’t have to worry about having iron willpower to dodge cigarettes. You can simply take your trusty vape device along for the ride!

This is not to say however, you can vape absolutely everywhere while you’re there. According to E-liquids.com, due to the lack of laws, a lot comes down to the basics of vaping etiquette and discretion. There may be some clear rules however, with most festival organisers treating vape devices the same as smoking, which means no vaping indoors. The rules do differ per festival though, so it’s up to you to find out how the festival you’re going to approach vaping and smoking. We suggest asking on your way in as the staff will more than likely let you know the rules. Some festivals allow it anywhere outside, but some may have dedicated smoking/vaping areas.

If your festival is more liberal on where you can vape, just remember to be considerate to your fellow festival goers. Blowing out sweet smelling clouds of vapour may be fine for you and your buddies, but many may find the smell off-putting. Not to mention, if you’re rocking one of those sub-ohm kits that kick out denser smoke, it may obscure peoples view of the stage, which won’t make you many friends.

How can I charge my e-cig at a festival?

This is an important one. It may seem like an inconvenient part of vaping, but it isn’t much different for other tech devices you might take; your phone for instance wouldn’t be much use after 36 hours without a charger!

Many e-cigs will require some form of charger. This is the case with smaller pen and pod kits that don’t have removable batteries. One solution is finding charging opportunities offered by the festival itself. For instance, some bigger festivals offer locker services that have built in USB chargers. Make sure you check what your festival can offer in terms of charging and plan ahead to avoid any inconveniences. 

For the festivals that don’t have easy access to charging facilities, there are other options. One of the most popular methods of charging up your vape kit is to bring a portable charger, the sort you use for your phone. These should easily charge a vape device, just make sure the charging port matches your e-cig’s.

For larger kits that use removable batteries, the solution is even simpler. Before you head off make sure you pack a couple of extra batteries that are fully charged. This means if your battery dies, you can just swap in another. Just make sure to transport them carefully and remember battery safety.

What vaping supplies should I take to a festival?

It’s essential that you bring everything you need to keep on vaping with you. E-cigs require a fair amount of maintenance, so you’ll need to prepare for common problems. Luckily, most of what you’ll need to bring won’t take up much room in a bag, so it’s more a case of remembering to bring it rather than a major inconvenience!

First of all, make sure you bring enough e-liquid. There probably won’t be a chance to buy any e-liquid inside the festival, so unless you brought some with you, you will have to head out and get some e-liquid in a local town. This can be a real pain if you run out of e-liquid at a key moment in the festival schedule. A top tip for those who use shortfill e-liquids is to make sure you mix them with any nicotine before you go. This reduces the amount you have to pack, and saves you having to mix up e-liquids on the go.

Other things to remember to bring depend on your device. For pod kits, remember to bring a replacement pod or two in case your coil burns out. For devices that use replaceable coils, bringing some spare coils will come in use, as well as a spare vape tank. Vape tanks are quite durable, but if you do break yours having a spare can get you back to vaping in no time.

Some final tips for vaping at music festivals

As you can probably surmise, it’s not that big of a drama to take an e-cig to a festival. It’s all about making sure you know where you can vape, and remembering to bring the necessities. Research is your best friend,  so make sure you check out what the vaping situation is before you head out.

One tip we have heard from avid vapers is potentially investing in a new device specifically for festivals or using on the go. Using big sub-ohm kits and vape mods is fine at home, but at a festival these expensive kits are bulky and likely to get damaged. We suggest either grabbing a smaller pod kit for festival use, or even disposable e-cigs.

Whatever you do, make sure to respect those around you and keep the litter to a minimum, don’t make vaping a part of the clean-up problems festivals have. See you vaping at a festival soon!

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