Entrepreneur Faiz Israeli Shares How He Became An Online Marketing Expert

More Indians are online today than ever before. In the present time, more than 500 million Indians are using smartphones, spending time traversing social media, gaming sites, e-commerce websites, watching videos, etc. No wonder how these young & dynamic influencers like Faiz Israeli are facing the digital marketing game. 

Ahmedabad based Faiz started working towards a career in the digital world about 4 years ago with his online company Rankdrive. However, today he is not just an expert in digital marketing and brand building, he is also phenomenal in the fields of content creation, website, and graphic designing. 

To become a Digital Marketing Expert is the dream of many. If you have the same dream, well, then making your dream come true is not very difficult. Since the internet has penetrated deep into our lives, people spend more time browsing the internet than ever before. The time people spend on other mediums like TV, radio, newspapers, books, and magazines has drastically come down.

People use the internet for a lot of reasons like entertainment, communication, seek information, and express their feelings in the forms of journals, blogs, articles, Q&A forums, social media, etc. It means people spend a lot of time on the internet. So it is a great opportunity to reach out to those people on the internet through digital marketing.

Digital marketing is nothing but the promotion of products and services via digital media. The digital marketing specialists execute marketing campaigns on digital channels like email, mobile, website, and as well as social media to make people aware, provide them information and get in lead conversion.

You can dive into the digital marketing world. The various components like SEO (search engine optimization), PPC (Pay per click), web analytics and reports, email marketing, and social media marketing. In digital media, there are a lot of topics and practical ways to learn about all the components, even it is the platform where you learn daily new changes and get new and innovative ideas regarding your website.

To enhance the skills of the digital marketer in yourself you need to build some habits. And these are going to be practical and you have to practice this in-deed because practice makes a man perfect.

  1. Firstly, look and your passion, the topic you love and hold knowledge about. Start writing content for your website before being a digital marketer, be a content writer that help you to create innovative ideas.
  2. Being a content writer or blogger, you can learn more about SEO (Search engine optimization) and try to write your content SEO optimized.
  3. For this Google will be your best friend, install Google Analytics so that you can find the correct knowledge about the traffic on your blog.
  1. Have a Google Adwords account, to find correct and useful keywords for your blog that completely tell you about what keywords and what popular keywords are searching by the people or users or you can say, readers.
  2. In each article, use SEO (search engine optimization) and keep writing and publishing your blogs that maximum to maximum people reaches out to you.
  3. After these kinds of stuff, start your own pages on Facebook or Instagram, or on any social media platform. Your articles should be published on websites as well as on Facebook so that people easily reach and connect to you. This also builds your reputation on social media. This is specifically for your blog, which separates out from your personal page.
  4. Having a bunch of followers and readers, promote your pages through Facebook advertising. You have to invest in this profession which means you have to pay for it.
  5. Reviews are really important as well as scary to know, but make sure your blog has the options for like, share, and comment. And people can share the links on different social media platforms. As you are a newcomer or a learner them the perfect tool to use is WordPress plugins because it is free to use and you easily practice on that. And once you learn things you can invest and make it official and use more interesting plugins.

All above you need to make your website or blogs user-friendly. Specially use on mobile devices. Over two-thirds of the world, the population is now online and the number is increasing rapidly with each passing day. With so many global users across the world, digital media has a major impact on the everyday lives of people. Business organizations throughout the globe are now making use of the opportunities given by such a revolutionary medium to fulfill their business goals in fields such as Sales, Marketing, Product Development, and Research.

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