Meet sneaker-lover, Colin Stangel

Colin Stangel, a native of Chicago, moved to Florida when he was 12. There he fell in love with sneakers and the culture behind them. At his first sneakers convention, he got to meet Benjamin Kickz. Benjamin became his close friend and helped him market his sneaker selling brand. With the help of Kickz, Colin grew his brand and started selling sneakers to Kickz’s old clients such as Smokepurpp and Lil Pump. Soon artists like Lil Baby, DaBaby, Gunna, Trippie Redd and many more influencers became his clients.

What inspired Colin?

Colin drew his inspiration from the Yeezy beluga boost 350s. It was the first sneaker he saw on the release day and immediately fell in love with. Unfortunately he was unable to purchase them as he did not make it on the list to buy them. This triggered his love for limited and exclusive sneakers. He figured out that there were more people like him who wanted to get their hands on those limited sneakers and were even willing to pay top dollar for them.

What’s Colin’s profession?

Colin is a limited sneaker reseller by profession. He started his company “Sneakerbratz” with a loan of $5000 and repaid it just within 2 and a half weeks. Sneakerbratz is a sneaker company that sells the latest and most limited, hard to get sneakers in the world.

What are Stangel’s plans?

Stangel has planned to expand his reselling business through Instagram. He wants to start Sneakerbratz’s website so as to sell sneakers worldwide.

What are Colin’s life-changing moments?

Moving to a different city, Florida, completely changed Stangel’s life. He discovered his love for sneakers and got to know about sneakers’ industry. Meeting Benjamin at the sneaker convention was a life changing moment for Colin since Benjamin was the largest sneaker resell distributor in the business which was definitely career-changing.

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