Alexa Carlin – The confident and hardworking CEO of Women Empower X

In today’s world most people choose the easy way out in life. Money becomes very much important to make a difference and people are not very sure about taking up risks. They all end up working for someone else with a monthly salary. Breaking away from this usual scenario a few others work towards impacting lives and inspiring people through their success stories. Alexa Carlin is one such individual who has worked towards impacting and inspiring lives. She is the CEO of Women Empower X and a renowned public speaker. Women Empower X is a platform that enables entrepreneurs and leaders to form a healthy community that fosters support and inspiration. The firm motivates and offers people a helping hand to achieve their goals. They aid their success by backing them up.

Alexa’s story is truly an inspiration. The path towards success is not an easy one. People have to go through a lot of struggle to reach success. Alexa has walked past several struggles and barriers put forth confidently with her hard work supporting her. Her life story focuses on how pain can be temporary and often leads to beautiful and fulfilling paths in the end. Alexa grew up in a family where entrepreneurship wasn’t a strange concept. Her dad was an entrepreneur. Following the path she launched her first business venture at the age of 17.

Alexa is a very goal oriented and persistent individual. She is a natural entrepreneur and her first business at 17 was designing jewellery for a Los Angeles-based fashion company, donating a percentage of sales to help their mission with ending poverty through education in Africa. After this successful venture, she went on to make her next big move. She started an inspirational blog in college, called Hello Perfect that focused on instilling confidence in young women.

At the age of 21, Alexa was just a couple of months from graduating college at the University of Florida when the unimaginable happened. She had her life planned out, ran a successful blog, and was getting ready to move to New York City to fulfill a career in fashion after college. Unfortunately she suddenly fell sick. January 26, 2013, was a date Alexa will forever remember as it was the day her body went into septic shock. She was inducted into a medical coma that lasted 6 days and had to spend about 10 days in the intensive care unit. Doctors stated that she had about 1% chance of survival. Her will power helped her come back stronger.

Fortunately, Alexa recovered, and she was still able to graduate from college on time. However, due to the amount of antibiotics they gave her during her time in the ICU resulted in her developing an autoimmune disease. She went through a lot of post traumatic experiences. However despite all the problems life threw at her, she was determined to fight back with all her might.

She wanted to focus on her career and step put from the negativity that enveloped her. She started working towards getting her blog Hello Perfect to a point where it yields substantial revenue as well as impact. She started embracing life and making the most of it.

Alexa quotes her life motto, “The more people you truly know, the faster you grow”. She picked up public speaking to share her story and inspire other young girls to be better versions of themselves. Today, she is a successful speaker. When she failed in creating an impact through her blogs, she paved another path –  Woman Empower X. The first Women Empower X was a big success. It was her biggest accomplishment. Today, her events through WEX attract over 2500 people from all over the world with notable guests like Elena Cardone and Cleo Wade. She stepped on the hurdles and made them her stepping stones towards her path to success.

Alexa believes in creating a community that would empower women with the right tools, knowledge, and connection to build both their personal life and business. Alexa aims to impact at least one person daily.

Success requires one to endure pain. Alexa’s life can be the best living example for it. She trusted her abilities and took a shot in life. With all her might she has made her own success story despite the several hurdles. She is sure to make it to even more greater heights with her determination and hardwork.

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