The Sundance Film Festival Roars On as Sony Pictures Acquires Clint Bentley’s Movie “Jockey”

Sometimes it’s way too easy to forget amidst the unrelenting dirge of dark and ominous world headlines that life does indeed go on; it’s evident everywhere we go, from planes still taking off into the great wide skies to the next door neighbor groggily walking his dog at some godforsaken hour of the night. Heck, this cheap, dime-store scribbler still needs to make that all-important first pot of coffee before sitting down at my clunky laptop and doing battle with my tired old gray matter every morning. Yes sir, life goes on indeed and that rule applies just as equally to the magical world of cinema where there are still deals to be made at film festivals far and wide, albeit many of said deals now being conducted virtually in our best rendition of This Island Earth. Such has been the case for the vaunted Sundance Film Festival which produced for Sony Pictures a winning picture in the form of Jockey. Least ways that’s what our well-coiffed friends over at Variety tell us about the latest wheeling and dealing going on in best Peter Biskind/ Down and Dirty Pictures fashion.

 Announced yesterday, Sony Pictures Classics – those delightful gremlins behind favorite movies such as Junebug, Layer Cake, The Fog of War and The Whole Wide World – has acquired worldwide rights to director Clint Bentley’s (I’ll Remember Everything) first feature film Jockey which he also wrote alongside Greg Kwedar.

Jockey is about an over-the-hill jockey who harbors hope in winning one final title for his erstwhile trainer. Said trainer has acquired what looks to be a prize-winning race horse, but the hardships of the years inflicted on the jockey’s body looks to throw a wrench in his dreams.

 The film features the acting talents of Clifton Collins, Jr. (Capote), Molly Parker (Deadwood), Moises Arias (The King of Staten Island), Logan Cormier (an actual jockey and making his film debut) and Colleen Hartnett (A Day on Bleaker Street).

 Sony Pictures Classics issued a press release after acquiring Jockey, calling Bentley’s direction in the film a “formidable directing debut” and describing Bentley’s writing alongside Kwedar as “engaging, satisfying, visual, and precise cinematic storytelling.”

No release date as of yet is scheduled for Jockey, but Vents will keep everyone posted on new information as we get it. Stay tuned!

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