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Gaming or video games in precise has come to a long way till present. At first, the games were available in a way where you could only play it with only one gadget. And those were not transferable. Also, the graphics have improved massively, and we can download the games on our phone today.  Yet the main moto of making people enjoy their time is intact as well. And the new generation scientists have brought the ROM games on the market with their plus points. Here in this article, we will discuss what the Rom games are and how to play them as well. 

What are ROM games?

ROM games are nothing but simple video games with some specific features. The fundamental feature which gives it the name is that we write the games in the non-volatile memory or ROM memory of the computer or game console or your mobile. These games make it easier for any person to download them from the internet and enjoy themselves. Some of the reason the ROM games have become so popular is that there are a large number of variety among the games. There are thousands of games on the internet which you can enjoy. And there are different kinds of categories available in the game be it a simple fighting game or strategy games. And the last reason and the main advantage of using the gams are that there is not much for you to do before you play the games, download and extract the game on your gadget and keep enjoying them. It was hard before to download and install the games, but as time passed, it has become so much easier to enjoy the ROM games. 

How to play ROM games?

ROM is one of the most popular games of this time. There are several advantages of using these games and the reasons why they are so much famous. At earlier times only the person with the advanced IT knowledge was only able to use these games. But nowadays even you can play games only following some simple steps. Here are the ones you need to follow. 

  • The first thing you need to remember that emulation is a must to play the game. There you copy the hardware of one device to another and can play the game on that device. 
  • Another important fact is the ROM of your device where you wish to play your game. As we have told you ROM of a game is a representative of the game as one writes on a CD or Cartridge and brings to your computer. 
  •  There are different type of emulator present on the internet. Start from selecting a top-rated emulator. Sometimes some systems may need multiple emulators. 
  • Next, download the games that you desire to play from the internet. There are plenty of number one video games available on the internet. 

Features of ROM games

There are different types of games available on the internet. And from the first day of video games to today games, there are thousands of games with hundreds of different types. So what are the features that will define the ROM games? Here is the list of characters that will help you decide whether the game you have on hand is ROM or not. 

  • These games are similar to the ROM of the computer. We store it in the non-volatile memory of the computer. So you can use it through the computer, gaming consoles etc. We write these into the game cartridges of the computer. 
  • You can download the game from the internet and play it on your PC or Mobile etc. But the essential thing in that part id an emulator. By emulator, you simulate the hardware of a device to another while you can play games. E.g. we can say by emulation you can play classic computer games on your PC or mobile device. 
  • The ROM games have come it is a long way in history. We write the games in the cartridges and hence it is possible to transfer the games from one place to another through CD etc. And with some advanced knowledge of coding, you can even modify the game in a way that it becomes suitable for upload to the internet. 
  • The games are modifiable. As we write them in the ROM of the computer or your gaming console you can easily modify the games as you wish. Though for that you will need to have some advanced knowledge of IT. 
  • In the next step, extract and install the emulator. And also you will install the ROM then. Mostly the game files are in the .zip or .rar format. So make sure you have some extraction app beforehand. 
  • And finally, run the emulator, load your ROM, and you can play your favourite game. 

Downloading ROM games

There are several websites on the internet when you choose to download the game. But before you download a ROM game to your computer or mobile, make sure you follow a few steps. 

  • At first, make the right decision about choosing the website from where you want to download. Try top-rated websites as they do not complicate the process of downloading. 
  • We discussed it before that ROM games have several categories that you can choose from. And do not choose one before you explore the variety. 
  • Choose the game as the variety you prefer and your taste. For example, you can try first with one of the best classics Mario 64 rom. Keep a look at the current trend. It will keep you updated about new game arriving on the market. 


As you have gone through our article, we hope you to know more about ROM games and what are their features. We have also discussed how you can choose your game before you download it. We wish you a happy gaming night with your squad.

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