Breville Die-Cast 2-Slice – Smart Toaster

Toasters have become a need of every kitchen as it removes the extra time and risk of bread getting burned. Whether you are late for the office, or you have to go somewhere in a hurry, you just have to put the slices of bread in it and press the button, and that’s it. You might already know that there are two types of toasters for home use, which can be named as 2 and 4 slice toasters.

The variety of the toasters also includes metal and plastic toasters, and the built material should also be considered while buying the best toaster in 2021. Well, the toasters of today’s world are not just limited to making toast of a slice of bread.

So, we tested the toasters of the top companies by looking at how they brown the white bread or what mechanism they are working on. The toasters were additionally tested on different factors like how easy it is to clean them, how much crumb of the bread is wasted, or what controls are given. Nowadays, the toasters with removable crumb trays are liked.

Before selecting a product, you must know that what type of toaster you are going to buy. Yes, the toasters also have types, and these types can be divided into 3.

Types of Toasters

When a toaster comes in your mind, you only think of it giving out a toast. Actually no, new toasters have technology for warming up different kinds of food. There are 3 types of toasters out of which two are for home use and one for commercial use.

Pop-Up Toaster:

These kinds of toasters are the most common toasters which are normally used at home. These toasters are further divided into two categories, which are 2 or 4 slice toasters. Now, it depends on you and your need that how much toast you want at once. 4 slice toasters are good for families with a large number of people.

Toaster Ovens:

These kind of toasters work in the same way as Pop-up toasters do but due to their big size and glass door, they can also work as the normal ovens do if the options are given for baking and broiling. It consists of many trays and each tray can hold 6 pieces of slice. Well, the biggest advantage of these toasters is that they save your time and hardwork as they are big in size which means it has more rooms for more food.

Convection Oven:

These kinds of toasters are normally used for commercial purposes like shops, cafes, and restaurants. Convection ovens are somehow similar to the toaster coven but the only difference between them is that the convection oven warms up the air inside it so that the food can be cooked up in less time without making much effort. If you are thinking of buying a toaster for your business, then a convection oven is the one you must choose. These toasters are quick, so there’s no chance that you have to wait.

Breville Die-Cast 2-Slice Smart Toaster – Best Overall

We tested many of the toaster products of the top companies and found Breville Die-Cast 2-Slice Smart Toaster  above the top of our list after testing out the workings and features of all the toasters especially for home use. This toaster will convert your white slices into brown slices evenly even if the machine is turned on or working for a long time. The slices are inserted into the toaster with the push of a button.

Most of the toasters just have the space for the slices, but in this toaster, you also get the space for bagels. The buttons on the toaster can allow you to change the settings in case you want the slice to be more brown. You can easily increase the time of the toaster. Cleaning of the toaster was the most difficult thing in the early time, but now Breville Die-Cast 2-Slice Smart Toaster has made it easy for you as it contains a removable tray on which the crumb is left during toasting. You can easily pull out the tray from the toaster, clean it and put it back.

A 2- slice toaster with the perfect quality of the metal and smooth design will surely catch your eyes and will work flawlessly for your home use. In this product, you get wider slots for the slices which means that you don’t have to worry about the size of the slice of the bread.


  • Toasts the slices of bread evenly
  • Works automatically in lifting or lowering
  • Removable tray
  • Smooth design


  • Works slow
  • Low capacity


Settings:   5 Settings including; ‘A Bit More’, ‘Lift & Look’ , Defrost & Bagel.

Warranty:  1 Year Limited Product Warranty

Construction Materials: Brushed Die-cast Metal Body.

Dimensions (WxDxH): 8.6″ x 11.6″ x 7.5″

Capacity: 2 slices

Settings: 5 Settings including; ‘A Bit More’, ‘Lift & Look’ , Defrost & Bagel.


We used this toaster personally for home and other uses. After checking it out in all the conditions, we can say that this toaster can give you 2 to 3 years very smoothly if it is used correctly or harm is given. However, it should be used with very care as it is a sensitive machine because when we inserted a hard slice in it, the toaster stopped working and became dead. This toaster looks very good in the kitchen and due to its removable, it is very easy to clean. Well, in the end we just have to say that it is a good toaster for home use especially. If you are looking for the best overall product for normal use in the kitchen, then you must go for this.

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