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Basic Supplies Your Church Can’t Go Without

Church attendance is now more important than ever. We’re living in a time of great change and in some cases turmoil. With unemployment at all-time highs across the United States, to the continued and unabated spread of the COVID-19 virus, people are seeking direction in these trying times. A person’s religious faith often helps them get through such rough periods in their lives, and a part of that process is going to a place of worship. Churches are seen as havens of safety, serenity, and security from all that ail’s people in the world.

In 2020 alone, one in eight adults stated that they attended church in person during the month. In the period of 2016-2018, the percentage of adults attending church was 52 percent. With a consistent amount of people still attending church, places of worship find that it’s best that they stay stocked with the correct supplies. There are basic supplies which a church can’t go without, so they can ensure that their parishioners can be well provided. Below is a list of the basic supplies that a church can’t go without.



Each faith has its own book of worship. This book provides the direction for a particular faith to follow, while also giving readers a sense of the history of that religion. For the Islamic faith, it is the Quran. For the Jewish faith, the religious text is the Torah. For the Christian faith, the religious text is the Holy Bible. In many Christian churches across the United States, there are Bibles that are found within pews.

These Bibles are usually on hand just in case a churchgoer hasn’t brought their own Bible, or if a new visitor attends a service, and also hasn’t brought there’s. It helps to have extra copies of these on hand when such cases arise. Also look into purchasing bible covers for these favorite books so that dirt, dust, and moisture can’t affect the Bible itself. These will allow the Bibles to stay durable, and long-lasting. One of the great things about these covers is that they come with features for users including vibrant colors, front pockets, and a cross zipper pull. Bibles are a basic supply which each church requires.

Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine


shrink sleeve labels machine allows an organization to create distinct brand identities, but the machines also maximize space for graphics, text, and UPC codes. These machines can allow you to create labels and attach them to a variety of different items for your church. For instance, you can provide bottles of water to your congregation or even aluminum cans of water with the shrink sleeved labels which can include information about your church and ministry. These machines have such shrink sleeve technology features as shrink sleeve packaging, polyester film material, shrink sleeve printing, heard turning graphics, and other features of a shrink sleeve label machine. The great thing about a machine like this is that it allows to you do short runs or long runs when creating shrink sleeve labels.

Writing Supplies & Name Tags


It helps to have writing accessories on hand when running a church. In large group settings, people always have a need for pencils, pens, and paper and churches aren’t an exception to this rule. When people attend church it’s a good idea to have extra writing accessories available because there’s usually a lot of note-taking which takes place. You don’t want people writing in their favorite book, the Bible. Have writing materials on hand (pens, notebooks, pencils, markers) with which they can use to take notes. Writing items are a part of the much-needed basic supplies that you’ll need for church.

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