3 Best South America Tea You Should Try

An evergreen, subtropical plant originally from Asia, Camellia sinensis now grows all over the world. In fact, the beautiful camellia flowers seen in landscapes and botanical gardens are related to this versatile plant, Camellia sinensis. It is also known as the tea plant and is best grown in loose, deep soil, in subtropic climates and high altitudes. Tea is the world’s second most consumed beverage, exceeded only by water. The fact that all teas (Green, Black, Pu’erh, Oolong, and White) come from the same plant is a shocking fact for tea novices sometimes.

Tea is cultivated mostly in South America, Africa, Asia, and the Caspian and Black Seas. Today, Kenya, China, Sri Lanka, and India, in no particular order, are the four major tea-producing countries. Combined, they account for 75% of tea production globally. This article is a guide to the best South America Tea you should try.

#1: Organic Yerba Mate Tea

Yerba Mate Tea is a South American herbal caffeinated drink, innate to the subtropic moorlands of Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay, where it is the national beverage. It is a derivative of a small tree correlated to the holly plant Ilex paraguarienses. This caffeinated herb, organic Yerba Mate, is a loose leaf tea with a vegetal, earthy quality with a slightly smoky flavor and an almost minty taste. You can purchase it from any online tea and coffee shop.

A metal straw called a bombilla is used to drink Yerba Mate tea from a calabash gourd. At the bottom of the straw is a filter that rifts the mate infusion from the stems and leaves. Several materials can make bombillas, but the most common in contemporary culture is stainless steel.

According to Taste Atlas, it is one of the most popular South American herbal infusions and teas.

Mate is recognizable for its valuable properties: it improves metabolism, controls intestinal activity, naturally stabilizes appetite, and is a diuretic that assists with toxins elimination. Conveniently buy this South America tea online and enjoy its benefits.

#2: Mate de Coca

Mate de Coca is an herbal tea, also sold as Health Inca Tea. Its production and packaging occur in Peru. Mate de Coca is derived from Erythroxylum coca (the coca plant), historically used for medicinal purposes. It grows wildly in the South and Central American regions. It is generally known for its efforts to improve workers’ capacity, including reducing exhaustion and mitigating hunger and thirst.

According to Science Direct, some studies indicate the presence of cocaine in this product as similar leaves, Erythroxylum novogranatense, are used to produce cocaine. This fact makes Mate de Coca prohibited in some countries like the United States (unless it’s decocainized). However, it is legal and widely consumed in Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, and Bolivia.

Coca extracts are ideal for instigating sedation, stimulating stomach functionality, and treating colds, asthma, and other ailments. Similarly, Coca tea helps to cure altitude sickness in the heightened conditions of Peruvian Andes and elsewhere. Mate de Coca is available as loose leaf tea or as tea bags.

#3: Acai Berry Tea

The acai palm tree, which produces these delicious small fruits, comes from the South American Amazon region. The expression “acai” derives from the indigenous word “ica cai” translated into “crying fruit.” Acai Berry Tea is a fruity blend of blackberry, natural acai berry, tart hibiscus, and blackcurrant flavors. It provides a boost of antioxidants, meaning it strengthens and benefits the entire body.

Acai Berry Tea promotes healthier vision as the acai berries are high in Vitamin A, responsible for keeping eyes healthy and contributing to healthy, supple skin. The high content of vitamins and minerals found in these acai fruits, like Vitamins E, B3, B2, B1, C, and A, makes this tea blend an excellent energy source for active individuals. It also revitalizes the body, thus enhancing overall health. Additionally, this tea blend improves the absorption of nutrients into the body by contributing to toxins removal from the blood flow and body tissues.

Apart from promoting nervous system functioning through their high levels of nutrients, acai berry fruits also offer a compound called pterostilbenes that reverses the impact of aging on the brain’s functioning and improves mental alertness. Tea from these fruits is also considered to alleviate physical and emotional tiredness.

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