What is an HMO?

If you are the owner of a house that consists of 3 tenants and they form more than 1 household and if there is a single toilet, kitchen and bathroom for the tenants, then it is for sure that you will have to apply for the HMO or house in multiple occupation certificate. The rules are applicable mainly in the UK, and therefore you will need to go through the process. However, the process for procuring the license is quite challenging if you are a new house owner. Therefore, the need for professional support in the process happens to be quite significant. They can make the whole process done without much of a problem.

The HMO Rules for You

It is essential to mention here what is regarded as a household according to the HMO rules. If members of the same family or a single-family live in a place, that becomes a single household. Here the term family means, people living together, which includes same-sex relationships, stepchildren or step-parents and finally, half and full relatives.

Different house owners rent their houses to other individuals, be it the students or the working persons or ladies. There is no specific guideline for who can stay or who can’t. The main thing to focus in this case is the cleaning rules, a number of members rules and more. Here are the things that you will have to be sure of.

The Family Rules

In case you have more than 5 families living at your house, forming more than a single household, with the sale rules for the bathroom, kitchen and toiler sharing solutions, it will be regarded as a large HMO. All these large HMOs require proper licensing. And for this licensing process, you will be required to adhere to the rules and regulations. They will inspect all the pointers in the house and then come up with the right solutions for the same. Now that the pandemic is at large adhering to the Covid 19 rules is something that you will have to be sure about. Proper ventilation in the areas and regular cleaning are some of the steps that you will need to ensure in this case. There are specific hmo guidelines to maintain the norms and that you can find in the UK government’s website. In the case of the single households as well, the norms are the same.

Go get It

For the house owners, acquiring the certificate for HMO is mandatory. If later he or she is tried by the court for not having the license, the tenants can make complaints to the local council about the same and come up with the plea to get back their fees. So in case you are a house owner, you better acquire the license before anything.

These are the options that you will have to be sure. So why wait? Before heading for becoming a landlord of more than three families, make sure that you have the HMO license. It makes things simpler for you.

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