This Is Why Sayches Realize the Importance of Creating a Community of Developers

Developers are the leaders of the digital world. The rapid advancement we see is mainly due to the fact that the great developers do not do it for the money but innovatively create for passion.

It is for these reasons that Sayches value developer’s community and aim to be a developer driven platform. Having a community of developers loyal to your brand is a great resource, as they help to turn the great idea into a great platform.

Many start-ups commit the huge error of never communicating directly with their developers but instead speak to an agent. Just like it is difficult to build a business if you do not know who your target market is, it is just as hard to build a developer’s community if you have no communication with your developers.

Besides, building a developer community is not a simple task. It’s all about planning and implementing proper strategies. If you aim to boost marketing with the developer community then you are on the wrong track because marketing does not go well with this specific type of community. Therefore, it is wise enough to create a good first impression and understand the ideal attributes of a sturdy developers community.

But the question is how do you build a developer community from zero? Well, it’s easy and simple if you utilize some key steps. Let’s quickly go through the steps:

Create Engaging Content (Content is key)

Content is one of the powerful tools to engage the audience to your products and services. Similar is the case with the developer community. You have to craft engaging content to build a community. Don’t just talk about your products, let them speak. Ask them questions and allow them to share their opinions. You can also invite them to write what they know about your products and services. This way you will build a stronger community making them a valuable source to boost your content engine.

Be Available Online

So, you have crafted well-engaging content and now people have started to share their opinions on your forums and in social media platforms. Your task is to remain online and reply to each comment dropped by your customers. Remember, no one likes to be ignored. Similarly, you can’t leave your audience hanging. So reply to their comments and keep the conversation going. That’s how you build a powerful developer community that generates results.

Sayches inviting their own community to analyse their platform by providing inbound links to their developer’s portal. Sayches will also be providing open-source files, so they can be cross-examined by other great experts.

Sayches respect what their community want to say and help them improve Sayches by making great suggestions, aiding us in our growth.

Sayches make it fun! Through various stages of developments, they want to collaborate with their community to develop new ideas, features and code. In return, they will give them public collaborator status.

Now you can become a member of Sayches’ community and take part in shaping Sayches Platform by test-driving the Bets version and let them know what you think. Get involved and join the Sayches Community:




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