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Grand Pianos – Are They Too Expensive or Worth the Money

The Grand piano is not an instrument to be taken lightly. And the purchase of a piano is not trivial either whether before, during and even after practice.

This instrument is an investment. Often a long term investment, but an investment nonetheless unless you choose a piano rental. But that’s not ideal, despite the wide price range for transient music lovers.But while we might expect the piano to cost us money when we buy it and practice time, we will find that it is not that simple.

So to use the wording of the title, we could instead say “are grand pianos too expensive or worth the money?”. And even why not add “What also brings us the piano practice following this investment?”

Although viewing all parameters as costs may seem negative, but in reality, this is not the case at all. You just have to be aware of it and know how to compose according to all these parameters to get the best possible deal. And therefore have the free spirit to wander your fingers on the keyboard. To admire these magnificent pieces of furniture in lacquered black mahogany or shiny white spruce, and these beautiful black and white touches that make so many budding musicians dream of being Chang or Chopin.

What does a piano cost financially?

We’re not going to hide it; piano costs money. The grand piano Yamaha is the best in price in this case.

How pretty a new piano?

Every piano has a value, which materializes in different ways.

The different types of pianos vary the amount, but to qualify for the right to learn the piano, you have to take out money. Be aware that depending on the models, brands, technical and sound characteristics of dozens of existing models will help you. All of this will allow you to efficiently choose the keyboard and frame that suit you the most up to you and your musical desires.

  • We are not going to lie to each other, and when we buy an upright or a grand piano, it is because the ambitions we have about our piano playing objectives are high.
  • We therefore absolutely do not recommend to someone who does not yet know whether their piano practice will last or not to buy an upright or grand piano.
  • To give an idea, the first prices for these pianos are 2,500 dollars for an upright piano, and 9,000 dollars for a grand piano. And we are talking about second-hand pianos. As you will have understood, these pianos are real long-term investments, over several generations.

Beyond the simple purchase price, you must provide specific piano accessories: seat, metronome, lamp, music stand.

  • We must also anticipate the maintenance of this kind of pianos.
  • Like electronic pianos, you obviously have to fight dust by covering the instrument, but you also have to watch the sound.
  • You have to have your piano tuned at least twice a year to keep it sound.
  • A piano tuning is at least 90 dollars for an upright piano, and 110 dollars for a grand piano. You can choose by checking the references of who is going to tune your piano.

To get the most out of your Grand piano, money shouldn’t be a constraint. It would help if you, therefore, chose a piano within your means.

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