European fintech news publication war against fintech start-ups with Isabel Woodford’s questioning case, which is endorsed by the Financial Times, has a significant readership and 17,500 fans on Twitter. However, Europe’s growing fintech community are started questioning. The company is interested in ties of large corporations that does more ruining than good.

Indeed, critics have actually mentioned that the aggressive technique of journalists like Isabel Woodford appears to be hurting the reputation of many popular European fintech companies, in a progressively difficult pattern.

In an article, Woodford slams German digital bank N26, specifying that the bank “might have reached 7 million clients, however the 2019 costs of N26 recommend it is paying a high popularity fee.” His article includes that N26 saw global functional losses grow to EUR217 million in 2019, 210%.

In another article she claims that fintech Curve has been late filing its annual accounts. Moreover, she added “One of the UK’s the effective fintech company was anticipated to provide its 2019 monetary statements by December 31, as renewals were already authorized in March and October.”

Another attack on her article says, Klarna CEO: “I am also concerned about financial obligations. I comprehend we are not the very best. “.

Articles by reporters like Isabel Woodford have actually left key figures in the EU’s fintech market scrambling about their desire to downsize numerous important businesses, specifically during an international pandemic.

A source from the fintech world states that “Unfortunately, news about start-ups seems to be influenced by unique industries and interests, aggressively attacking start-ups and gaining recognition from more established players. the way the world works, it’s just honest and accurate journalism. “

Do you think European fintech publication will take steps to improve their objective perspective on journalistic approach?

Be yourself ready.

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