Who Loves a Sex Swing?

I’m loving my new sex swing, and it seems to be a popular choice with one of my sexy kinsters too. It’s spiced up our sex life no end.

Do you and your partner enjoy different positions and like to surprise each other with new sex and fetish ideas?

If you are thinking of buying a sex swing you need to consider how you are going to use it, who with and in what ways. It’s such a brilliant buy, but ONLY if you know what you’re looking for and how your sexual exploits rock your boat.

At the end of the day two people never fit together like a perfect jigsaw. But a sex swing makes that immaterial. People are all sorts of sizes and shapes and have different levels of flexibility. So a sex swing allows you to be more flexible and have more points of access than if you were merely lying on the floor or the bed. Because of this additional flexibility you never run out of ideas, positions, motions on how to experiment with sex.

The right sex swing allows you to customise and make sure you are in the most comfortable position for you and your partner. The endless possibilities for penetration and for oral sex mean that they provide a really wide opportunity for use. They are easily assembled and stored away and there are a few styles for you to look at…

  • Sex Slings
  • Sex Swings
  • Spinning Swings
  • Door Swings
  • Bondage Swings
  • Sex Slings

Sex slings are particularly popular as they are very comfortable to use. Because of the ‘sling’ design they are particularly flexible in motion to take pressure off the body where it matters most. They are also amazingly stable when put through their paces! I know they are a popular choice with bondage lovers, plus size individuals, gay couples and my BDSM friends.

If you do buy a sex sling, make sure it comes with the appropriate chains for perfect assembly. That is pretty much all you need and away you go!

There are many different types of fabric for sex slings, with the most popular being leather. This is a favourite of mine and my bondage friends as it has a great feel. That said, leather can be expensive.

So if you’re looking for a good alternative then go for a good fabric and webbing. Make sure it is from a reputable supplier and well made. A sex sling with webbing must be of a firm quality and wide enough not to cause problems with twisting.

Putting your sex sling together

Sex slings are hung using attachments in all four corners of the sling. The obvious point is to make sure that what you attach it to is secure. Sex slings can be attached to ceilings, what is important is that your ceiling is sufficiently strong to take any weight that may be used with the sling, and that your fixings are going to hold the weight.

Many people purchase a stand for their sex sling, which means not reqwuiring any home alterations to make the sling safe for use. They can also be a great option as they can be 100% discreet, i.e. easily hidden away when not in use.

Spinning sex swings

For beginners to intermediate users a spinning sex swing is ideal. I always here people raving about them when they are first starting out with a sex swing / sling type experience. Most come with hooks that have a 360° swivel, which means you can really use your imagination with this type of swing.

If you are looking to buy one make sure it has good padding and that the webbing is wide enough – there is nothing worse than really getting into it only to find that the webbing is cutting off your blood supply to one of your limbs. As it is comfortable you will be able to have continuous play without having to stop.

When looking at the padding make sure all of the areas that you will be touching are well padded. Having enough padding will mean that you will not suffer from chafing or burns. Eek, not nice! It is important to prevent this with ankles, thighs and hands being particularly important to be well padded / protected.

What we love about spinning sex swings is that if the urge takes you and you want to go from back to front it is so easy to do.

Door sex swings

Because of the way door sex swing can be attached, used and removed so easily they are a very popular choice. Not surprisingly as its name suggests, you attach it to a door frame.

Basically the swing mounts over the top of the door and that’s about it – good to go! So easy, so flexible, perfectly discreet for hiding away.

Fixing a door swing

Door swings generally have two small metal bars that can be placed over the top of the door. You then close the door and this holds the sex swing in position.

However if you are somebody that wants to have more support, you may want to look for a sex sling with wider webbing where you can place your butt with comfort.

Stands for sex swings

Because it is important that your sex swing is securely fastened you should take into consideration the capacity of your sex swing stand – or if you are going to mount it on the ceiling you need to use professional fixings or ask a professional handyman to do this for you.

Don’t forget to check out your ceiling and your fixings If you live in a flat type accommodation as you may need to consider the people who are living above you.

We strongly recommend using a sex swing stand, as they can be quickly assembled and then taken down when not in use.


If you’re looking for ways to spice up your sex life then a sex swing is a great option for you. So many people use sex swings now that it is clear there is a lot of satisfaction with them. They are certainly no longer considered to be an extreme sex aid.

Here are some final pointers to remember…

  • Remember that the fixings are very important and you should always make sure these are of the highest quality.
  • The materials that are in contact with your body have to be of a good quality and wide enough not to dig in.
  • The areas that you sit on, or are going to carry the weight, must have plenty of padding. You don’t want too much pressure on certain parts of the body.
  • Remember, if you are going to screw it into your ceiling then it’s always a good idea to get this checked by a professional.
  • If you are going to buy a stand buy quality that will last.

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