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An upcoming rapper – K!dJudo

Music industry is not new for music lovers and it welcomes talented people. K!dJudo is a name of fame in the music world. No doubt, he is an upcoming rapper out of Spokane, Washington. It was not easy for him to decide his stage name. Yes, this is his stage name and he has changed it twice before he gets recognition with this name. He took time into thinking since he needed something that related to his actual life. The history about the name is highly interesting. His family called him Judo when he was young. All his friends called him by this name. Therefore, he selected Judo as his stage name.

Judos passion for Music

Music is his passion and he discovers his love for music in early age. His passion for music has made him realized that he should pursue his career in it. Music is always been his part of life. As he grew up, he used to play Eminem, Daft punk, Black Eyed Peas, Outcast and others. From the 4th grade through 10th grade, he played the violin and needed to become a professional at it. Judo’s EP has surpassed 10k streams on Spotify.  

AD!ZZY was his best friend began rapping that summer and he took on it his senior year after a horrible break up. This was the time when he started writing lyrics. Recently, he has come up with the concept of Welcome to the Dojo. It is his recent release on Sound cloud. He wanted to relate to his name and it is the track which has given him recognition in the music industry. He is releasing a song with “JustoMobbin” before his deluxe release. Judo knows how to create a new beat every time with a different flow but have all the beats follow the same vibe. My producer used Sakura for a lot sounds and he created every track. He wanted every song to have some different feel but follow the same vibe. He is dropping his deluxe to his EP Welcome to the dojo” soon.

Struggle for music industry

He faced different types of challenges and it was his greatest attribute when it comes to his work ethic. The doubt was on his shoulders and it piles but can never bring him down. He always strives for excellence and he believes that he is talented and gifted with the art of music. He is always in the works with local artists.

He sees himself at the recognized place in the music industry. His first ever EP Welcome to the dojo is on all platforms and is available on SoundCloud. After that he is looking forward to collaborate with some other local artists. Moreover, these days Judos is working on some other new music videos. His songs “Trend $etta” and “Play Pretend were played on iHeartRadio.

How to contact him? It is not a big deal to contact an underground artist without any issue on social media. Similarly, Judos is available for all his fans on Instagram: kjudoo, Twitter: @JayAverage, and any inquiries, bookings, or features my manager’s email is [email protected]. If you want to learn more about the rapper, then you must visit his profile Instagram. You will come to know about his work and recent updates on his profile here.

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