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Ways to Save Yourself from Any Global Catastrophe and Be Successful in 2021

The world has turned upside down and has affected millions of lives since the global health crisis brought by coronavirus has started to spread. No one has been spared from the effects of this deadly virus, the domino effect has shut down thousands of businesses while millions have lost their jobs. The health systems, economic stability, and the patience of the enterprise leaders have been tested, everything was unsure what the future holds since it is predicted to have a long and negative process on the global market.

As the economy continues to thrive, we all hope that things will gradually get better as we enter this new year.    An interview with a digital transformation specialist based in the Philippines was recently conducted. Homer Nievera has shared his few slingshot strategies to launch one’s business or life in the struggles that we are currently facing.

Philippines is the first country in ASEAN nation to implement the nationwide lockdown thru Enhance Community Quarantine which put the entire country to limit their usually outside activities which meant the crippling of the business in the key cities and restriction on the movement of millions of its citizens.

Seeing how the economy strives to bounce back to its usual cycle, Nievera has noticed some reluctance from some people to try an equivalent due to their confusion and fear of what to do next.

Nievera gave some tips on how people can recover and be ready to plow ahead in the market amidst this worldwide crisis that we are still battling.

Plot out your action plan today

As a child, have you been exposed to using a slingshot? It’s a piece of wood within the sort of forked stick, with an attached elastic strap. It is commonly used for shooting little stones sort of a catapult. This is often where business goes to design the pandemic crisis – at the farthest end of that slingshot – extended to its limit at the negative point.

With that picture in mind, you figure out that there’s a big chance of whether you are at the receiving end of that stone shot for that catapult or you will be the stone that is hurtling to progress, the decision is on your end.

Nievera suggests to “Start now by planning your life from where you’re at right away. The top of the mind is to arrive at your activity plans which will get you to where the others won’t be because you acted immediately in the midst of this chaos.”

Locate a quick spot and start your best courses of action and there is no deadline here. You’re presumably still on the quarantine anyway. Begin outlining your next course of action by reviewing your supposed to be plans last year. Clearly, that is already down the drain right now. Then move on to the New Year’s resolution and plans, what are your targets? How can you achieve them by also staying on budget. You get to determine a lot by simply considering where you’re at and where you might want to be when the starting gun fires.

Predicting a Paradigm Shift

The world will change significantly as we all know. We are now making adjustments and adapting to the new normal. 

The word ‘social distancing’ will presumably be used more often and other colloquial meanings may emerge as well. In any case, what’s more critical to have practical experience in is to plot out your plans moving forward and how you’ll endways the appropriate side of things.

Nievera mentions, “Whoever is set up to move one’s paradigm given the current circumstance will start as the victor.”

What he implied was there’s a pressing opportunity to challenge the entirety of your pre-defined objectives and experiences as there has nothing been much the same as the pandemic coronavirus since the 1920s. The Spanish influenza was trailed by a global economic meltdown that saw markets slumping and in this manner, the alleged Great Depression followed.

What will surely happen is that the easing back of global economic advancement by the top of 2020 wherein numerous economies will plunge to the negative levels.

Begin to Solve Issues Right Away

In each and every significant calamity that occurs within the world and influences the planet, there 100 individuals and enterprises who make it big time. Why? Because they are prepared to distinguish emerging issues and offer solutions.

Many of us are in isolation or lockdown. Most are taking as much time as necessary and taking that “much needed” break brought about by things. Some rely on getting dole-outs and have a come-what-may demeanor. However, two or three are physically active, making a decent attempt to search out approaches to unravel the arising issues.

As a digital game-changer expert based in the Philippines, Nievera has been prepared to place in some investments in innovation and digital media organizations. He said that his few years of experience in tech experience and selling have permitted him to distinguish between champs and losers. During this Covid-19 pandemic, he has been occupied with spotting arising businesses, while doing CSR or charitable work.

Nievera also mentions, “Recently, we were tapped by some organizations including the government to make arrangements in stemming the further spread of the infection. We came out with two recommendations – the Ruwah, which a first-responding breathing gadget (for example, a semi-automatic ventilator) and a design for specimen collection booths (SCBs) to be utilized in mass testing. We have already begun disseminating the SCB corners to government hospitals while we’ve completed the primary prototype for the Ruwah.” And both were cleared out record-time during the initial 3 weeks of the lockdown.

These are glaring and genuine examples of what you’ll do along with your time while on a quarantine. Who might have realized that these gadgets or items will be much needed? the issues presented themselves, therefore the solutions were the consequences of meetings conducted online, a time not gotten to waste!

Foresee problems today – not tomorrow – and discover answers for them immediately! you would conceivably be into something big that no one has truly thought of yet in light of the fact that times are changing.

Use all your “stored power” into something better

Returning to the catapult or slingshot plan, you will notice that in that principle, when something gets pulled back to its limit, there’s huge stored power there when that thing gets to be released. Can you imagine that?

Nievera reminds individuals to require a touch step back.

As uncovered by Nievera, “By thinking of different options and back-up plans on making some improvements in your way of thinking or actions, and the way events are currently happening. Individuals have lost their means of living. Some have become ill and are on their way to recovery. Tragically, some have passed away while many friends and family were left behind. There’s frenzy, distress, sadness, and even misery. These may all be some negative as you may think of. However, these are the makings of the latest opportunities”.

Indeed, how are you able to help people find other means of living? How can you help them recuperate? How are you going to bring back what is lost in humanity and the world in general?

Clearly, there are a lot of opportunities in the health sector that incorporates psychological wellbeing. HR will be a busy sector as well since individuals need to be placed somewhere also helping individuals on retooling themselves. Because there is an increasing number of individuals who will prefer working from home (or perhaps they need no choice), there is a number of opportunities in those areas as well.

As an old saying goes, knowledge is power. Be someone at the receiving end of extraordinary power and ride the trends that are on the way.

Expect the changes

As Nievera stated, “All the possible changes and adjustments will have effects on everything, from brand-exchange to switching on technology and even utility-exchanging of all sorts. These will all occur as significant developments in customer purchasing behaviors brought about by changes in spending power has occurred”.

Now is the ideal time to think quickly and anticipate the possible switches and adjustments, this is in reference to the paradigm shifts that are presently happening because of the global pandemic.

Once nicknamed “The Disruptor,” Nievera advises business people to start mapping out a plan or even minor developments in market needs like requiring somebody to shop on your behalf because of the fear of getting infected by the deadly virus. This might sound strange but not during our present circumstances.

What about lending a hand to those individuals to search for different approaches to implement the right social distancing in limited spaces and living quarters? That is a serious adjustment in behavior brought about by the need to distance oneself out of compliance with the state or set protocols. Another will be the need for reliable and affordable masks without sacrificing quality. Get the drift? There are minor adjustments happening which will soon ripple into better opportunities. The keys to getting these changes when they are still starting, you’d be the first one to provide an answer.

Be ready to take chances

As shared by Nievera, he had a conversation with one of his clients. It was during the early 2000s and therefore the booming of dotcom just went bust. It had been around 3 years since 9/11 and the post-terror of the new normal of getting things done with increased security was being executed worldwide. Staggering from the current crisis, Nievera’s client revealed to him that what their organization has been doing was getting hold of every chance that came to their direction and knock on as many doors as possible to make that sale.

Sounds practical? Maybe. Yet, it reminds us to remain our expectations up with eyes totally open for any opportunities. When the chances occur, keep the energy up to talk to as many clients as possible. This builds the probabilities of catapulting yourself way off others in whatever field you’re currently in.

That is actually what happened to Nievera’s client. They are the most important manpower services in the country, aside from becoming famous in different industrial projects which they began during the crisis within the first few years after 9/11.

Plot out your alternation game plan now

As a digital transformation expert from the Philippines, Homer has basically been the so-called voice bringing in-the desert when the digital media was in its earliest stages which started during the mid-2000s. He saw and experienced it all. He had significant contributions in the transformation of the website in 2001 from a directory site up to becoming a lifestyle utility. He also helps in educating the advertising industry on advergaming in partnership with MSN and the pioneer in programmatic advertising, Admax Network in mid-2008 and he also helped to level-up the web-based media with his stint on Friendster and Multiply.

Nievera was there when everything occurred – when digital is starting to transform the Philippine landscape. Currently, he is still assisting organizations in their full grasp of the digital norm.

Nievera pronounces that “The global pandemic is only a way to motivate us to fully adapt to what is in store within the way we get things done. Truth be told, individuals can’t survive without their internet connections during the lockdown. It’s a new lifestyle. It’s the new normal”.

Without a doubt, organizations need to adapt to the digital norm now. The decision should be made immediately and not in the distant future as things are presently occurring. The planet – or nature – has directed the speed at this point.

On the off chance that you postpone your decision in completely grasping the digital transformation, you will most probably miss the train. This is generally where you’ll take the ride of the waves and arrive at your victorious destination.

Your journey starts now.

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