“Game of Thrones” Possibly Returning As an Animated Drama

You know you’ve made a pop cultural impact when your live action movie or television show gets reborn as an honest-to-Pete animated feature or ongoing cartoon: Just ask the former recipients of this distinguished honor such as the respective casts of the Happy Days gang (“Aaaaay”), Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (“Excellent!”) or Back to the Future (“Lou, give me a milk. Chocolate.”). Yep, you’ve not technically arrived on the Hollywood map until Filmation or Hanna-Barbera Productions has its way with you. Which is why today is a cause for celebration if you park your car in the Larry “Sure, we can totally do The Karate Kid as a Saturday morning cartoon” Houston garage.

 Per those Laverne & Shirley in the Army lovin’ scalawags at The Hollywood Reporter, the latest show to make the transition from live action into adorable animation is none other than former water-cooler show Game of Thrones.

 Undisclosed sources – always the most delicious sort – have revealed to the venerable industry trade paper that early stage meetings are at this very moment underway with writers for a potential ongoing animated drama on HBO Max (known to friends as “Mad Max”) that is part of an effort to expand or blow the doors wide open on the Game of Thrones which is now considered a franchise. These same sources add that tonally the animated series would be in keeping with the spirit of the original HBO series, that is to say a more adult themed cartoon.

 How did this all come about? We can probably cast an eye towards both the crazy-fast advent of streaming channels which have only become more popular during the ever-continuing worldwide pandemic; this has brought about things both good and bad in the entertainment industry (and everywhere else, for that matter). A veteran agent who knows their way around the Hollywood scene told The Hollywood Reporter that “In the face of massively expanding verticals, people have to make choices about what services they want based on what they can provide them. (HBO Max) is going to look in their library and they’re going to exploit everything they can.” Ah, Hollywood.

 All of this is still quite tentative, but we felt it was our duty to Fleischer Studios-lovin’ aficionados everywhere to report on this latest bit of animation buzz. Stay tuned!

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