Breastfeeding Education For Moms

Breastfeeding Is Best If Possible

Babies that are breastfed tend to be more healthy and more intelligent. There are a lot of reasons for that, not least of which being the baby’s genetic affinity to its mother. The body of the baby is made to subsist on the milk of the mother.

While your baby can certainly survive on other nutrients, mother’s milk will be best. But breastfeeding is more complicated than you may expect. We’ll cover a few basic things in this writing to help give you an idea what’s involved, and what to expect.

Breastfeeding Can Be Painful At First

Paps tend to get sore from breastfeeding, and there are babies who are born with teeth. This can lead to chapping and bleeding; both of which are quite unpleasant. You may well be tempted to use certain creams or lotions, but you’ve got to be careful—some soothing options designed for external use may be harmful to your newborn if ingested. Avoid parabens.

Getting “The Hang Of It” Isn’t Always Natural—Latching

When you first begin to breastfeed, it may take your newborn serious time to learn how to latch. Both of you may struggle at this the first few times it happens. Some mothers take to breastfeeding like a duck to water; not all do. That’s okay, don’t worry. You can get help with this from breastfeeding professionals.

Finding Trustworthy Consultation Is Definitely Advisable

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It’s very wise to seek the help of breastfeeding experts if you’re pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant. Experts such as this board-certified lactation consultant can tell you what to expect, how to deal with your new baby, and what not to do for best results overall. They can even appraise you as to alternatives should those become necessary.

Definitely, You Should Think About Getting Breast Pumps

Your baby may be hungry faster than your body can produce breast milk. Also, the modern world’s endless break-neck pace makes it so you haven’t always got time to breastfeed. Additionally, what happens if you’re out in public?

Certainly, there’s nothing wrong with breastfeeding in public; but what about those peeping toms? It’s wise to keep a breast pump with you and crank out a few extra bottles just in case.

Breastfeeding Can Wear You Out—You’re Burning Many Calories

Don’t feel bad if breastfeeding your baby makes you feel thirsty, hungry, tired, or all three at once. Hundreds of calories are being withdrawn from your body. Your body works to replace them immediately, and that’s going to wear you out. What makes sense is having hydration and nutrition available, as well as somewhere to sleep, for the aftermath of each session.

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Breastfeeding will reduce breast size slightly as milk reservoirs are depleted; but then your body will fill them right up again. It’s important to find maternity clothes that are able to handle this shift in bodily shape. Clothes either too loose or too tight will be quite uncomfortable. Thankfully, maternity wear designed just for breastfeeding is available.

Breastfeeding Is Best For You And Your Child

Breastfeeding your child will be something that’s ultimately much more healthy for them, and it’s going to bond you to your child more than a formula approach. That said, not all mothers are able to breastfeed. For example, mothers who were extremely skinny before and during the pregnancy may not be able to properly produce milk.

Sometimes milk production lags for other reasons. It’s very wise to get medical assistance and consultation, as well as doing your own research. This will help you avoid things which are going to be a problem, and practice good habits from the outset. Paps get sore, latching can be hard, consultation is wise (as are breast pumps), and breastfeeding will tire you out.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to breastfeeding best practices; be sure you search for resources and get advice from those you trust or are related to as a means of most efficiently rounding out your understanding of the process.

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