We Asked Social Media Star TooTurntTony Your Burning Questions

TikTok seems to be all people can talk about lately, as there is a constant sharing of relatable clips to friends and family. Simply watch videos while scrolling, and something is bound to be relatable, and you will instantly share with whoever comes to mind. We asked social media star TooTurntTony some questions regarding everything TikTok – as it seems we are always sharing his content!

Q: How do you stay so fit with the lifestyle you live?

A: I’m a big cleanse guy. I believe in treating the body like a temple. I want to look like a god. I am a god. I workout 7 days a week and keep my diet very clean (chicken, salmon, veggies, Ezekiel bread, fruit) along with watching for clean ingredients. It is all about a balance, if you are going to drink a lot you must watch what you eat and how often you workout.

Q: What is your relationship with your ducks?

A: My ducks are my pets. Honestly they’re even more than that. They get treated like royalty in my house. Constantly spoiled with treats and baths. They know they’re stars now and I think it’s gotten to their heads. They get very sassy when they don’t get enough screen time.

Q: How has your internet fame impacted your family dynamic?

A: It’s definitely brought us closer together. I’ve always gotten screamed at but now I’m making money from it. I’m very lucky to be able to pay my family members for all of the work they do. We spend so much time together creating content and we have so much fun doing it. I’m very lucky to have them! They have become staple characters in my videos, and fans love the family dynamic.

Q: Any new ventures that you’re working on that we can share with your fans?

A: Merch has always been a strong passion of mine, as you will see the designs on are handpicked by me before they go live. I will continue to have a hand in merch no matter what since it has been a huge success so far. Beyond just merch though, I am focusing super heavily on YouTube as the fans want a deeper dive into my life. As a film student, this is exciting for me since I can use the passion I have for filming and editing on a larger scale.

Q: Have you changed the way you live after making “social media” money?

A: To be honest, I spend all of my money on food. Other than that I don’t spend it on anything crazy. I try to save it and only spend it on things that will benefit the business. I live a very simple life in that way.

Q: We assume you get a lot of DMs from girls around the world, would you date a fan?

A: I mean like a super fan? Or just a fan? I don’t really date. Too focused on my work. And quarantine definitely doesn’t make it easy either. But sure just to entertain the thought, I would date a fan.

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