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Tik Tok is a delicate matter. The social network from China came for the heads of Instagram and YouTube

Tik Tok has become one of the fastest growing social networks in the world. Life has figured out the phenomenon of this project and tells why it is, if not a threat, then at least a competitor to Instagram and YouTube.

Tik Tok is a mobile application that allows you to record 15 second videos and add visual and audio effects to them. The former are taken from a ready-made library, the latter, as a rule, also. It is not forbidden to publish sketches without processing.

The concept of Tik Tok is very simple, but it’s good. Because videos with simple scripts are easy to imitate. And users of this social network love each other very much. We can say, parodying each other, people make reposts. To become popular on TikTok, it is enough to buy tiktok followers and you can very quickly become a popular blogger.

TikTok is originally from China. Interestingly, the service is called differently at home – Douyin. The Douyin app launched in 2016. It was created by the private company ByteDance, which previously “shot” with the startup Toutiao – an artificial intelligence-based news aggregator. In the Celestial Empire, the new social network quickly gained popularity. It took her less than a year to gain a 100 million monthly audience. Soon Douyin became cramped at home, and in 2017 the application began to expand in the West: ByteDance launched the international version of its social network – Tik Tok.

The history of explosive growth in popularity repeated itself. By November 2018, according to analyst firm Sensor Tower, the app boasted 800 million downloads on iOS and Android. And without taking into account the Chinese part of Android. It is worth noting that outside of the Celestial Empire, Tik Tok would not have achieved a resounding success if ByteDance had not absorbed in November 2017, another Chinese service that at that time already had a multi-million fan base in the West. In fact, many assume that it was precisely for the sake of quick penetration into the United States that the Chinese agreed to this deal.

According to various sources, ByteDance bought a competitor for between $ 800 million and $ 1 billion. For comparison, in the same 2017, Mark Zuckerberg posted a similar price tag for Instagram: $ 1 billion.

The most expensive private startup in the world

Tik Tok owners are careful and do not share official statistics with anyone. And not only global, but also local. As Life was told in TikTok, the company does not currently have separate statistics on Russia. However, they hinted that the situation would soon change for the better. Be that as it may, we are not left empty-handed – there are a lot of unofficial statistics on the Web.

Today Tik Tok has been launched in 154 countries and has been translated into 75 languages. As of June 2018, the monthly audience of the app was 500 million users. Yes, on the same Instagram it recently exceeded a billion, but it took the photo service six years to reach the 500 million mark, while Tik Tok did it in less than two years.

Even a quick acquaintance with a social network is enough to understand that there are a lot of teenagers and young people in it. The statistics only confirm this: more than half of the Tik Tok audience is not even 25 years old. For comparison, there are many more people on Facebook who are over 25. In China, female users prevail among users, in the rest of the world – male.

On average, each Tik Tok user opens the application 43 times a day and spends 52 minutes in it per day. For comparison, people visit Twitter on average 16 times in 24 hours.

At the end of 2018, experts estimated Tik Tok at $ 75 billion. Thus, the Chinese music service became the most expensive private startup in the world. Prior to Tik Tok, this title was held by the killer of the traditional taxi market – Uber.

The stars that the Chinese lit

Like any social network, Tik Tok has its own stars. The account with the most followers belongs to the German twins Lisa and Lena. Almost 33 million people follow the update of the twins’ page. For comparison, the most popular YouTube blogger PewDiePie has 93 million subscribers. In Douyin, the top 1 is actor Jong Hye, who has over 50 million followers.

Speaking of actors and celebrities. Since the end of 2018, American celebrities have begun to settle down on Tik Tok. The most prominent heroes of the social network are TV presenter Jimmy Fallon, skateboarder Tony Hawk, singer Cardi B and, of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Not so long ago, the media vigorously discussed a video from Tik Tok, in which a living icon of brutality walks his cute pony.

Russia, of course, also has its own Tik Tok stars. For example, many may be familiar with Anastasia Useeva, a brunette with blue eyes, whose clips have been used more than once for official advertising of 2.7 million people have subscribed to it. Of the guys, you can note the pretty Maxim Alekseenko. He, too, became famous thanks to the advertising for

Predictions for the future of Tik Tok are rather cautious. Partly because in the pastm The Internet has already seen the Snapchat bubble burst. Until 2017, a promising startup grew rapidly, and then there was a redesign and millions of users cursed their once beloved service. Celebrity Kylie Jenner was among the dissatisfied. The young star complained on Twitter about the update, and Snapchat’s capitalization dropped by $ 1.3 billion overnight. Before the redesign, Snapchat stocks were worth over $ 20 and then quickly dropped to $ 5. Today the company has rehabilitated a little: the papers cost almost $ 12 apiece.

Nevertheless, the reaction of other market players makes it clear that they feel strong pressure from Tik Tok. In any case, Facebook already tried to counter its Chinese competitor with the Lasso app in November last year. The attempt was extremely unsuccessful. It is known that an analogue of Tik Tok is being prepared in Russia as well. It is being developed by VKontakte. The release of the application is expected this summer. Obviously, in the near future there will be even more similar services.

Will the alien from the Celestial Empire become the killer of Instagram, YouTube and other popular platforms today? Unless in a very long term. As we have already noted, the Chinese social network is actively gathering teenagers and young people. For many, the Tik Tok icon in a smartphone is already the main one. Not YouTube or Instagram. If Tik Tok continues to pick up all teens, then it is logical to assume that the influx of new audiences on other popular platforms will slow down or stop altogether.

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