15 Best Apps For Teachers and Educators 2021

The globe is now becoming digital and the era is called the digital era which has affected the education system as well. Today, with online teaching, the new method of teaching has been introduced which has replaced the conventional pedagogical method or classroom teaching. Online teaching has taken over the education system and for better running of the system, there are a few requirements which includes online teaching apps.

For online classes or giving online lectures, online teaching apps are required. Various softwares of online teaching are available to help students and teachers. Online teaching apps enable people to give live lectures and make videos and share it for teaching purposes which was next to impossible in the past.

What Is Digital Class?

More and more things of today’s world are going digital due to the development of the internet, mobile phones, mobile applications, tablets, laptops and other modern devices.  The education system of metros and other cities of India has also been modernized to a great extent, making way for digitization. Digital education is making its place in many international schools as well as India’s traditional education system and is replacing traditional classroom training.

Gone are the days when training in schools were conducted through textbook mediums. Teachers used the blackboard, chalk, and duster to explain what they said and students note those words on their notebooks.  Students remained traditionally dependent on teachers for learning and task-based methods and focused more on writing and memorization.  However, the use of chalk-duster in most schools is now negligible. Nowadays classroom teaching has become highly interactive with the use of digital learning such as PPT, video presentations, e-learning methods, practice demos, online training and other digital methods or platforms. Now there are apps for online classes, apps for teachers, and video classes for effective running of teaching platforms.

Which App Is The Best For Online Teaching?

In almost every corner of the globe, schools are now using technology for learning. In fact, there are special apps for teachers which they can use either on their phone or on their laptop. These apps are made for educational purposes only. These apps for teachers and apps for online classes are available on Google Play and Apple store. Many apps do not cost a penny while some are not free. So, let’s know about a few apps for online classes and video classes.

  1. Digital Class E-Learning Marketplace

Digital Class is an E-Learning Marketplace where anyone can teach & sell their recorded course using world class features and students can buy all kinds of courses by comparing tutor portfolio, course fees, demo lectures, promo offers, and other features using advance filter options at single platform.

This platform helps those educators who want to get more students for their courses. For joining any educator can create account for free; add their course and start selling journey. And also helps them who finding best teachers and courses.

This E-Learning Marketplace is the need of the hour. A simple digital e learning marketplace that helps course sellers delivers an effective learning experience for students across the world.

Also repeated lectures or studies shown that learning happens according to pedagogy best in grasp for students where there is a personal touch from the tutor (course seller).

Digital Class provides training support for tutors (course sellers) under the seller learning programme (SLP) absolutely free that helps them to focus on teaching & selling courses rather than taking effort on digitizing and also recent times have highlighted the struggles for course sellers while dealing with online tools that are not built for teaching use. At Digital Class, they are enabling course sellers with this marketplace so that they can sell their courses and after buying a course student learn their courses efficiently.

Also they are on a vision to democratize online education by connecting educational community worldwide & create an easily accessible ecosystem for education according to international learning pedagogy.

This online Digital Class E learning app & marketplace is actually an educational marketplace for learning, selling and buying for online courses.

This marketplace in India avail the selling of recorded courses and students can buy any kinds of course from the app. For proper completion of course, the platform provides support from support manager to tutors and allows students to learn step by step.

2. Nearpod

Nearpod is the online teaching app for teachers for livening up lessons. Through this app, teachers can present the multimedia lessons which students can upload to their mobile. The app doesn’t cost any amount to download and it is considered one of the best apps for teaching activities.

3. Viper (Windows)

Among the apps for teachers, there is Viper, a valid Windows application for teachers to present themselves by ready-made themes. The app also allows students to improve their writing by removing grammatical errors. It pays attention to typos and syntax.

4. Attendance

One of the important apps is Attendance which is specially for Android users. Attendance is an effective app where lecturers can prepare a list of attendance for classes. It also helps teachers to keep records of the progress and classwork of each and every student. Teachers can add photos of the students as well for better verification.

5. TooNoisy

The next app in the list of teaching app in India is TooNoisy, quite bizzare for a name. Its features made its name valid. The app is helpful in detecting environmental noises and it is available for Android device and iPhone device. This app beeps when it detects excessive noise in the environment. Students can become alert to behave properly is one of the features in this app as well. So, the app is helpful in another way.

6. ThingLink

Google Play allows to downloadThingLink free of cost. The app in the list of teaching apps in India is to keep records of students who are attentive during the online class. The app allows users to create interactive images for the teachers for better explanation of a topic.

7. AnswerGarden

AnswerGarden is a free tool designed for teachers and students. With this app, teachers can ask questions to their students and students can answer the question in a single word or short phrase. The answers given by students will be generated through QR code, web link or AnswerGarden’siOS app. The app is used for brainstorming activities of students along with other students.

8. Poll Everywhere

With the help of this app, students can put forward their responses to a poll by forwarding text messages. Poll Everywhere as the name suggests is first of its kind company which offers alternatives to clickers. Students who are using this app can also respond through a web browser or mobile app of  Poll Everywhere. The response can be generated on ranking graphs, clickable images, multiple-choice, and questions based on LaTeX syntax and alphabets.

9. Slido

It is an interesting app for students where they can ask their questions via a regular web browser with a unique event code. The questions asked by students appear on the screen of the presenter. However, other participants can up vote the questions and the most asked or popular question will be on the top. The question after receiving the answer can be removed from the browser or the app. The multiple-choice and word cloud options are also available in Slido for audience polling.

10. Blurb

Blurb is an app which allows teachers to make their photo books  by using templates. There are many options available on which a book can be written such as memoirs, magazines, cookbooks, children’s books, and portfolios. Initially, the book can be uploaded in digital form and later can be purchased in the form of an e-book, paperback, a hardcover, or a magazine.

11. Book Creator

With Book Creator, students can create their e-book. This teaching app in India is specially made for students to show their creativity and it gives them a medium to showcase it. The books can have photos, text, audio and video. Also, students can add their hand-drawn images. The images will be embedded in Flipgrid grids or Google Maps. After finishing the book, students can share it via generating the link or allow it to download as an EPUB, or can sell it iBooks and Google Play.

12. Lulu

Lulu is an amazing app for budding writers. Students who like writing and want to upload their work, can take the help of sites like Lulu. The tool enables students to upload their work or sell their work as e-book or in print. Writers can publish their work free of cost. However, Lulu earns the production cost when a book gets sold. It also takes a profit percentage.

13. Storybird

The site Storybird has a gallery showcasing the professional artwork. From the vast gallery, you can find an image of your interest and it allows you to write a poem or a story for the chosen image. The app initially launched for free. However, it is no longer free of cost. Teachers can write lessons and take private classes on this app.

14. WriteReader

WriteReader is a book-making platform for budding writers. WriteReader provides an auditor confirmation to students. It works like when a student types in text, it gives sound to it by pronouncing either the letter or sound of it. Students can also add images or voice recordings to the draft prepared. The app is also for teachers by which they can upload their text. Once finishing the book, it can get printed or downloaded.

15. BehaviorFlip

BehaviorFlip allows teachers to keep records of students’ behaviors based on two areas i.e., responsibility and respect. The app is smartly made with “Restorative Justice” practices. With the help of the tool, teachers can reward their students based on their behavior. It also works to find whether a problem related to behavior of students has been resolved or not.

16. Bouncy Balls

Bouncy Balls keeps the level of noise in the classroom maintained. The app has a feature to set up for the student to maintain their noise. Teachers just need to set the system. With the increase of noise, the balls gets active more and more and it stays at the bottom if the classroom remains quiet. Students in the classroom can visual the noise level.

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