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Best Headstone Choices For Your Loved One When You Are On A Budget

Purchasing a headstone is an important decision to make. Several families want to choose monuments that will help them honor and remember their loved ones. Choosing the right headstone is the best way you can memorize your loved ones for an extended period. However, it isn’t easy to select an ideal monument. How the gravestone is designed should be so that it reflects the soul’s personality and the life they lived. This article provides you with different headstones and monuments prices. This will help you make the right decision when selecting one for your loved one who passed away.

Type Of Headstones

You should decide on the kind of text you want to use when selecting a headstone. Each letter of the text in a monument matters a lot. The size of the text can also affect the tombstone design outcome. Headstones and monuments prices vary greatly depending on the material and construction of it. Some of the types of headstone you can choose from on a budget include:

1.  Flat monument

These headstones are available in different colors, sizes, materials, and finishes and are made of bronze and granite.

2. Cremation Benches

This type of headstone does not require a concrete base and is the best you can use to replace the traditional monuments. They are used to improve the appearance of the memorial gardens.

3. Kerbed Headstones

They give enough room for personalized expression and are full-length headstones that cover the entire grave.   They typically have an area in the center where you can plant flowers or bushes..

4. Upright Headstones

Are the traditional types of monuments available and are most often made of marble and granite.

Headstone Finishes

Choosing the right type of finish for your headstone is very important, just as selecting the right material for your grave marker. A good headstone finish will have a lasting effect on the outlook and durability of the headstone. Some of the standard headstone finish you can choose from include:

  • Pitched: They are crafted with bolster and hammer and are gradually rustic.
  • Polished: Produces an appearance that is smooth and shiny and requires maintenance
  • Honed: Provides more depth of the headstone that contains at least three colors. Their surfaces are soft though not reflective.

Headstone Designs

The design of a given headstone is made up of the shape of the stone and the finish. Some of the figures include cross-shaped, tear-shaped, and heart-shaped.

Headstone Materials

The material used in making a headstone is an essential factor to consider because it affects the monument’s appearance. It has an impact on the design of the final gravestone and your placement options as well. The material a monument is made of also determines its durability, which will determine your headstone’s longevity. Therefore, you should ensure you choose a headstone made of the right material that will make it durable and last longer.

Some of the common materials used to make monuments include:


This is a grey limestone that fades its color over time, resulting in a worn-out appearance. It requires deep cuts and capital letters for inscription.


This is the material that enhances durability and a good finish, and it also has a variety of color options. This makes it the best material that can easily be adapted. It also has an excellent aesthetic appeal. That is why it is also preferred for building.

White Marble

It contains a blue and grey texture, and this makes it a unique substance, and it is also bright. It is fragile and, therefore, should not be placed in damp areas.


This is also a limestone, though not as strong and durable as white marble and granite.

Having considered all those factors, they can now lead you to go ahead and purchase the best headstone of your preference. That one that will make you honors your loved ones who passed away.

The following are some of the best varieties of monuments that you can choose from;


They are designed very thick in design and are wide and tall. They can either be curved or straight or have a curved top.


They are tall headstones with a square base and a long middle piece referred to as a shaft. They usually point upwards towards the sky, and the top part is generally decorated, such as a ball or statue. They can vary from short to tall, one of above ninety inches.


This is the most common type of headstone whose characteristics are tall, comprehensive, and thick with rounded tops. They are made from various materials such as marble and concrete, and their sizes are usually both two feet high and across. This type of headstone comes in different designs, sizes, and shapes.


They are usually at least two feet tall and are made of marble. This type of headstone is not thick and is designed to show a pointed arch at the top. Sometimes two arches are used to create this type of monument.


They are made up of two columns connected to an arch and range from two to twenty feet tall. This type of gravestone is commonly used for husband and wife.


They have a scroll-like design, and they mostly used an open method. They can either be single or more that are on a block. The scroll is never used for inscription and is usually made of the body of the gravestone.

Cross Vault

They also have a unique design and are designed with a square base with tapers going upward. Their top part is designed so that they look like the top of a house or a church.


These types of gravestones are also flush with the ground. They cover the entire grave instead of only making its top. They can also be combined with other memorial monuments or have added vases if the family wishes to place flowers.


They are the cheapest gravestones available in the market. They are only made to rise a few inches from the ground and are made of bronze and granite. Sometimes they can also be set into a base.

In Conclusion

When you want to purchase a headstone for your loved ones, the choice is yours, whether you want a simple or complex one. But whichever choice you make, it will always be personalized.

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About RJ Frometa

Head Honcho, Editor in Chief and writer here on VENTS. I don't like walking on the beach, but I love playing the guitar and geeking out about music. I am also a movie maniac and 6 hours sleeper.

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