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Online trading has become increasingly popular over the past year with many people taking their first steps into becoming profitable traders. To help these new traders there are a number of companies offering educational resources aimed to equip beginners with the skills and knowledge to profit from the financial markets. One such company being Altus Trading Academy. Altus Trading boasts over one thousand global members offering a range of resources to help new traders. Today we will look at Altus Trading Reviews and give our own verdict on the online education academy

Altus Trading Reviews – What Do Existing Members Say ?

With over one thousand members we can look at the reviews existing members of Altus Trading have given. There are two trusted places where we can find Altus Trading Reviews. Firstly their Trustpilot account. Here we can see the reviews are very positive from existing members. We also notice these reviews are coming from a variety of different countries.

We picked out a few Altus Trading Reviews from Trustpilot that you can read below:

Patrick Hill – “Highly recommended Altus Trading to anyone looking to start trading”

“As a complete novice to trading an ad for altus trading academy came up on my feed had a look into it, looked like something that would interest me as I’d always been eager on starting trading but was worried I’d never be able to figure it out, learned that altus trading was offering a 3 month free trial which was fantastic so I went for it. I wouldn’t be the best learner but everything was clear and straightforward managed to profit in my first day even and week have a few mates who have joined altus trading academy now after me, would recommend altus trading to anyone“

Joshua Roberts – “Best I’ve been with”

“Been trading for a while and have been with various other teams and courses etc what I liked about altus Trading is that they don’t promote trading as some sort of get rich quick scheme like others, yes you can profit as you progress which is great but you also learn a lot”

Jakub Banko – “Fantastic for beginners looking to start trading”

“I had always had an interest in trading but never done any as I am beginner I felt almost impossible come across altus trading and decide to join them very happy with my experience Altus explain everything so that a beginner can understand it”

Matt Jones – “Profit made from the start”

“Had been following another team without getting anywhere, joined altus trading and straight into profit with the signals highly recommend them”

Ryan Chester – “Good for beginners”

“Started as a complete beginner, I found the signals very easy to understand and the course was very helpful in explaining everything about trading, feel like I have much better understanding of trading now”

Moe – “5 stars”

“David got me set up on the 3 month free trial very straightforward process I had contacted them in the morning and was already trading that day, had a bit of experience coming in but found the technical analysis part of the course very insightful, ended my first week up 24% on my account”

Based on Altus Trading reviews on trustpilot we can see that existing members have found the academy very useful to them. With many of the reviews stating that Altus Trading is beginner friendly and a suitable option for those who have little to no experience.

The next place where we could find Altus Trading reviews was from their own social media accounts. On their instagram and Facebook it was possible to see the reviews and results existing members are achieving. The goal for every trader is to be able to profit consistently from trading, and based on the hundreds of member reviews it seems like current member of Altus Trading are doing just that

We can see hundreds of Altus Trading reviews posted on their instagram and facebook accounts, again it’s clear these reviews are coming from members in a variety of countries with them all using different currencies. A lot of these reviews show us the results members are getting each day / week. Some of them are quite impressive with beginners profiting from their first week.

Altus Trading Reviews – What Do We Say ?

After reading Altus Trading reviews on trustpilot and social media we decided to go and try the service out for ourselves and then we would be in a position to give our own Altus Trading review. So we got in contact with Altus Trading and enrolled into the programme, the setup was rather quick after one of their team explained what they offered we created our trading account and we were ready to go

First thing we got access to was our own mentor, we found this to be extremely helpful. Having someone you can ask a question to and get an almost instant reply saved a lot of time we would have spent looking for the answer elsewhere. We were trading on the metatrader 4 platform, something that was new for us, but our mentor explained how to use the platform and we were also given a video course to help understand everything.

Next we got access to the online course. We had heard a lot about the course in the Altus Trading reviews we had previously read so we were eager to see if it lived up to the expectations. The course was quite long, over two hundred and fifty pages broken up into 3 main sections, Basics, Technical Analysis and finally Fundamental Analysis. For a beginner the first sections basics provided a great oversighted of what trading was and explained all the common terminology. In previous Altus Trading reviews members had stated that by applying the strategies they had learned from the technical and fundamental analysis section they were able to profit consistently from the markets, we would agree with these reviews in that these two sections provided fantastic strategies which could be implemented in your trading.

Finally we were added into Altus Tradings group on Telegram, here we could see the trades that Altus Trading has personally opened and closed on their own trading account. In the Altus Trading reviews we had read numerous people had said that the group was the most useful resource that they had been given access to and that it helped them the most in being able to profit from the markets.

Altus Trading Reviews – Is It Expensive ?

One of the best things about Altus trading is that they offer a number of people a 3 month free trial of their academy. We believe this is a fantastic offer that anyone would be foolish to overlook. The only condition of the offer is that you need your own money to use to trade with which is a given really considering it’s impossible to trade with nothing. In some Altus Trading reviews we can see that people had missed out on the 3 month free trial but still felt that the monthly fee of €70 was good value. We would agree with this that the programme is certainly worth €70 per month. If you can get a 3 month free trial then the offer really is fantastic

Altus Trading Reviews – Is It Safe ?

Of course before anyone buys any product or service they ask themselves if the product or service is coming from a trustworthy company. Quite simply Altus Trading reviews from both existing members and our own speak for themselves. Altus Trading has grown to become one of the world’s leading online education academies for trading and have plenty of reviews from happy members to back this up. We would not hesitate in becoming a member of Altus Trading, especially with the 3 month free trial, what have you to lose ?

Altus Trading Reviews – Final Verdict

Based on the Altus Trading reviews we read and our own research we can conclude that Altus Trading is everything it is made out to be. In short it does what it says on the tin. Taking all factors into account it offers a fantastic opportunity to those looking to get into trading. We would not hesitate to recommend Altus Trading Academy to anyone

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