7 Factors You Need to Know Before Your Honeymoon

Planning a wedding is stressful for most couples, and a honeymoon comes as a relief to relax and unwind before the new marriage phase begins. It is a highlight that newlyweds often look forward to after the wedding. Although it may seem like a simple affair, it takes a lot of planning to select a dreamy destination that suits your budget and expectations. Whether you are looking to enjoy a Thailand honeymoon or a local destination, a refreshing vacation is necessary for the mind and body.

Most couples often think of honeymoon as a destination filled with romantic escapades and beautiful sunsets. Since it is a trip to the unknown, the journey may not be as smooth as people perceive the destination. Couples need extensive planning to budget and identify a suitable location.

Below are the factors newlyweds must know before traveling to their dream destination:

●       Relaxation is Not Automatic

If the honeymoon comes immediately after the wedding, switching to relaxation mode can be quite challenging for most couples. Fatigue and exhaustion from months of planning the wedding do not wear off in one day. Couples often feel stressed and take time to switch their minds to the dreamy vacation. Therefore, couples need to know that it will not be rosy during the first days of the honeymoon until relaxation mode sets in and the thrill begins.

●       Limit Expectations

Honeymoon is an exciting phase that allows couples to get enough time to bond and enjoy each other’s company while engaging in numerous activities. However, most couples think that love will be in the air 24/7 with a romantic dinner every night. But, it might not be the situation since high expectations usually produce disappointments. Your spouse may be tired when you want to go out for an intimate nature walk. Or you may want to go bungee jumping, and your spouse prefers basking on the sandy beaches. Thus, always limit your expectations before setting out on your romantic honeymoon.

●       Falling Sick

Though you might be ready to experience an exciting Thailand honeymoon, sickness can creep in when you least expect it. Months of planning the wedding and the honeymoon can take a toll due to fatigue and environmental change. Hence, you might get sick in the first few days of your honeymoon. No one will tell you this until you find yourself nursing the flu or infection when you are supposed to be enjoying your holiday. However, with proper care and medication, you will feel better and embark on a fun-filled honeymoon.

●       Prepare for Mishaps

Planning a honeymoon may seem simple, but couples could face many unseen challenges ahead of them. For instance, booking destinations through online agents can be tricky because you can find that the destination is not what you expected. From missed flights to extra expenses, couples can experience mishaps on their honeymoon. Thus, it is imperative to prepare for difficult situations to avoid disappointments. Moreover, couples can choose to focus on the positive side despite any mishaps and still enjoy the time of their lives.

●       Fighting With Your Spouse

Couples often perceive honeymoons as romantic getaways with intimate moments throughout the entire vacation. However, fatigue kicks in when they reach the dreamy destination, and emotions may flare up due to trivial issues. Most couples find themselves in a lonely situation with quarrels and silent treatment from their spouses.

If you find yourself in such a situation, it is better to schedule a couple massage and spa moments to bring back the balance. Every couple fights, but it spoils the honeymoon phase. Hence, ensure that communication lines are always open even during hard times.

●       Forgetting to Include Some Plans

Wedding planning takes up time, energy, and money, so does a honeymoon. Most couples forget to include some essential plans in the itinerary. Do not focus only on the destination without including a basic itinerary that shows each location and time of visit. It can be challenging especially in foreign countries because of language barriers and unfamiliarity with the holiday spots. It is advisable not to make intense plans to get a balance between adventure and relaxation. Hence, ensure that major plans are in place to avoid awkward situations.

●       You Will not Want the Trip to End

Honeymoons are incredibly special, and many couples never want the experience to end. Thinking about your life back at home when you are out sun basking in the Maldives can be quite stressful. After exploring all the exotic spots and culinary cuisines, you might start thinking about the next trip when you get home. So, enjoy each other’s company and capture all the moments while it lasts.

Honeymoons come once in a lifetime, and the journey is quite exciting for couples since they live with the memories forever. You may not know all the things you need to plan a perfect Thailand honeymoon, but enjoying the moment alone  matters.

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