INTERVIEW: Eucalyption

Eucalyption, welcome to VENTS! How does it feel to have released your debut album?

It feels great! It seems like we’ve been working on it for so long, so it’s nice to finally have it completed.

Would you say that ‘Go Ahead and Ignore This if You Want’ is a concept album?

It wasn’t intended to be a concept album. But we did think they all were pretty complimentary to each other. Each song is really a snapshot of our lives of whenever we wrote each song.

What is the story behind the album title?

James: My wife had actually just finished an art project, and the drawing she did had the words “Go Ahead And Ignore This If You Want.” She told me how her art teacher did like it, but my brother and I thought it was amusing. We also thought it was strangely appropriate for the album title, so we decided to use it. My wife also designed the font for the words you see in the album art.

How personal are your lyrics?

The lyrics are very personal. They’re all based on personal experiences or people we know.

There’s plenty of positivity within your music, how important do you think it is to have positive music on the airwaves?

We’re not too concerned with the “airways” in general. Most of that music is just there because they had the funds to pay for the placement. We think it’s more important to have honest music than just “positive” music available. And with the internet and streaming, anyone can easily access whatever music they want. Sometimes you just have to put in a little extra work to find a band worth listening to.

LCD Soundsystem is a big influence on your sound, what do you think they would say about your music?

James: I hope James Murphy would like it! I’m not sure though. This album isn’t as synth heavy as some of our earlier singles. I think he would at least like a song or two though.

Tells us about your writing process, what comes first, the lyrics or the melodies?

Every song is different. Sometimes it starts with the lyrics, most of these songs started with a guitar riff or a bass line that we expanded on.

It seems music runs in your family, what’s it like making music with a relative?

It’s been pretty great for the most part. We’ve played together in lots of different situations for a really long time, so it’s easy to follow each other and know where the other one is going.

How has your sound gone down in your hometown?

Most of our fans are in Houston, so I guess pretty well. Thanks to anyone who’s come to one of our shows and helped support us so far.

What comes next for Eucalyption?

We’re about to put out a music video for “Waiting.” We’re really excited about it, and can’t wait to share it with everyone. We’re always working on new music, and as soon as we can we’ll be playing shows!


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