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David Murrietta Jr – A Talented Actor and blogger

This world has switched to a digital world and everyone is busy doing their work on social media and online. This is similar to the case with David Murrietta Jr, who has made his recognition through blogging and acting. We all know that the world of Showbiz never welcomes those who are not talented. Some people with their remarkable brilliance know how to make their space in the world of acting and in media. Therefore, they can achieve success because they use their talent in a creative way. David has done the same thing.

About David Murrietta Jr.

He is a blogger and actor and he was born on the 4th of July of 1986 in San Jose, California. When asked, David describes background influenced by being half Korean and half Mexican. David shared his background in business and law enforcement with degrees in both respected fields. In his professional life, David was first introduced by several friends who have been working in the film industry in San Francisco. It is around that time that made David realize that he has a passion for acting, so he made the decision to pursue a career in Hollywood full-time.

In Hollywood, David Murrietta felt a new level of happiness and pleasure. It made him feel unbelievably happy in front of the camera. So, David continued on his journey gaining attention from his handsome looks and exceptional acting skill set. During his first few years in Los Angeles, David began to grow his audience online as a social media influencer. Several fans have admitted they learned about David while surfing the net and learned about the details of their favorite actors. It is great for them to know about their details. The majority of his fans have grown to love David and follow him on Instagram: @david_murrietta. Therefore, he is enjoying a massive fanbase.

He is a dynamic actor and working model of Hollywood. David has worked on television shows and well-known for his guest appearances in commercials. David is known for playing a police officer or military roles on a few tv shows in Hollywood.

David is an extremely handsome and charismatic character. He is very charming, beautiful and attractive and plays police officer roles in popular tv shows with ease. No doubt, he is young, hot, dynamic and dashing. He has a really strong screen presence.

David has a wonderful mixture of style and glamour. His ability to portray different looks make him popular both domestically and abroad. David has an elegant personality and professional attitude. He is a great performer and known for being easy and fun to work with on set.

As a Blogger

This is the time when the majority of the individuals are investing their energy on the web and in the event that you need to fabricate your standing, at that point, Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram will be the ideal decision. Turning into a famous influencer via online media sites isn’t simple. However, there is a young man David Murrietta Jr, who began on Instagram. Right now David is also filming Youtube videos with his fiancée Alexandra Creteau. They have a Youtube channel : Dalex Vlogs. With the determination and never ending charisma, this Hollywood dynamic duo is becoming impossible to stop. 

Alexandra Creteau helped David to transition into the social media world. Before that, David was focused solely on his acting and modeling career. Currently, David works with different brands as a social media influencer, model and content creator. David`s past partnered collaborations include: Goat Fuel, Kona Kai resorts & spa, Every Man Jack, Simply Fuel, Hotel Valencia Santana Row, Eternal Vitamins, Buttercloth and much more.

If you love fashion, luxury lifestyle, travel photos and videos, you should follow David`s instagram page:


He is sharing daily stories about his life in Hollywood and more…

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