The Best Dairy Free Ice Cream

What comes to your mind at the mention of ice cream? For most people, it is a sweet flavor that they cannot miss on the menu when they are going out or during snack time. For some, it is a favorite scoop that they have been trying to cut off due to health concerns but it keeps beckoning. For the lactose-intolerant and vegans, dairy ice cream is just another thing they cannot enjoy. That is why dairy-free ice cream is making its presence felt. It comes as an idea to redefine the traditional ice cream.

Forget about the unhealthy choices you have been making with your dairy ice cream. Instead of being served high fats and sugars, non-dairy ice cream comes with healthy ingredients that make the moments more enjoyable.

How Do You End Up with Dairy Free Ice Cream?

No one can fault you for thinking that ice cream should only be made from dairy. This is what many people have been accustomed to. Just the same way milk can be made lactose-free, so can ice cream be dairy free.

After all, nature has provided more than enough ingredients to make healthy ice cream. Another lie that you have been treated to is that sweet foods are unhealthy. The dairy-free ice creams debunk this because they are yummy with just the right amount of sweeteners from natural sources.

How you end up with dairy-free ice cream is by being innovative with the provisions of nature. Instead of using cow’s milk, the makers of these creams use milk from nuts such as cashew, almond or soy. Coconut and rice are also a great source of alternative ‘milk.’ Natural milk produces the creamy appearance and taste. The alternatives sometimes end up making a thin dessert or something that doesn’t look so appealing. Manufacturers have found guar gum as one of the ingredients that keep the heaviness of the traditional cream and therefore give you a thick scoop.   

Adding on the fruits and juices in the right proportions ends in tasty ice cream that you would want to have all day.

Purer Forms of Dairy-Free Ice Cream

When shopping for dairy free ice cream, you need to find the purest form that has well-sampled ingredients. Some manufacturers have gone an extra mile and eliminated nuts from the mix so that you only get ice cream that is made from fruits, superfoods and seeds. This makes the best dessert for a vegan and a health enthusiast.

Great ice cream has a blend of all the nutrients needed in the body in measured concentrations. Plant protein would be a nice option. Gluten-free non-dairy ice cream also makes for healthier options and is safe for those who react to gluten.

The variety you get is dependent on the boldness of the maker and their spirit of adventure. In fact, mixing up the core ingredients to come up with unseen blends is quite fascinating. Some of the exceptional flavors of dairy free ice cream that you can add to your list include:

·        Matcha green tea

·        Maple cinnamon

·        Chocolate mint chip

·        Acai berry

If you don’t want a huge diversion from the usual flavors you get with the traditional ice cream, you can opt for chocolate, strawberry, or passion. 

Ice cream doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Non-dairy desserts can be quite something if you are looking to put an end to bad snacking habits. They are also a good deviation from the norm for those who fancy trying out new stuff. When shopping, be keen on the ingredients so that you don’t end up taking home another unhealthy snack that bears the tag of dairy-free. Find one that has a balance between the fats, sugars and proteins.

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