Michael Giannulis Talks about These Healthy, Simple, and Affordable Foods amid COVID-19

The corona crisis has made life impossible for people all over the world. With businesses, schools, and amusement centers closed for many months due to lockdowns, people had no option but to stay safe at home. Again, there is juggling between domestic chores and work, and on top of that, there is a challenge of what to eat to stay safe amid the pandemic.

Though ready-to-eat meals and processed foods are convenient, they are not healthy options for you and your family. Fret not. Here are is a list of some healthy, affordable, and simple foods that you can eat amid the crisis:

Mike Giannulis prefers eating fresh vegetables and fruits

Although buying and storing fresh vegetables and fruits in huge quantities was a problem during the lockdown, ensure you and your family gets a balanced diet daily by supplementing with Balance of Nature. To stay safe, it’s recommended that you do not eat outside frequently.

Make sure you buy fresh produce from the farmer’s market and cook healthy meals at home. Fresh veggies and fruits retain the natural nutrients compared to frozen food and therefore, choose organic food as much as possible.

Use fresh vegetables to prepare delicious soups, salads, and stews to stay healthy amid the COVID-19 crisis. You can keep soup or stew in the refrigerator to eat for another day. Then, you can keep frozen food for a day and eat, not more. Thaw the food for some time, reheat, and then eat.

Eat loads of healthy snacks

When it comes to your kids, they like to eat snacks for the day to keep them energized. Instead of giving your children salty or sweet snacks, you can choose healthy foods like yogurt, nuts, chopped fruits, cheese or dried fruits, says Michael Giannulis. Eat unsweetened yogurt though. These snacks are not only healthy but also filling and help you develop good eating habits that make a real difference.

Eat canned foods if fresh produce is not easily available

Though fresh fruits and vegetables are the best options, if you do not get them all the time, switch to canned items for some time. Canned chickpeas, beans, and fish have loads of essential nutrients and you can store them for several months. You can also add canned foods to your diet in different ways.

Eat canned fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids like mackerel, sardines, or salmon, which are also rich in protein, minerals, and vitamins. You can use canned foods in cold sandwiches, pasta, salads, or cook them as part of your daily meal.

Canned veggies like tomatoes have low nutrients, especially vitamins, but they are useful if you are not getting fresh produce.

Eat dried beans, grains, and pulses

Include these foods, especially lentils, rice, split peas, and quinoa, which are healthy, tasty, and last longer. These foods are also easy on your wallet and filling. This way, you will not have frequent cravings. You can opt for rolled oats prepared with water or milk as a great breakfast food. Flavor it up with chopped fruits, yogurt, and raisins.


Healthy foods are necessary if you want to stay safe and boost your immunity amid the corona crisis. A strong immune system helps you fight infections and prevent you from falling sick.

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