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Many people around the world find it difficult to get their full-body growth and they not only have to suffer physically but also mentally when they get criticized or bullied in public due to such reasons. But, as we are living in a modern world where there is always a solution for any problem just like that one can make their body grow with the help of the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which is commonly known as Somatotropin.

HGH is basically a natural substance that helps in the growth of individuals who are not looking fit or grow according to their age. This hormone is not as simple as it looks instead it is very complicated and is also prescribed for specific reasons. Also, children with poor growth or short height even when their diet is good are prescribed the use of HGH. 

What are the Merits of using HGH?

HGH not only helps in the growth of a person but also helps in regaining the different body cells including the skin, muscle, bones, and body organs. Some merits of using HGH are given below:

  • Anti-aging and boost overall body growth
  • Increases the immunity of the body and build up bones
  • Increases sex strength
  • Improves cerebral ability.
  • Maintains cholesterol and transform body fat into muscle.

What is the overall Fine Dosage and Cycle of HGH?

The dosage of consuming HGH depends basically depends upon your goal of how much to grow your body. Also, if you try to take an overdose on HGH to gain more or for any other reason than it would not results in good for your health and could also show some side effects. So, it would be better to consult a doctor.

The dosage and cycle of HGH are given below:

For the therapy of growth hormone insufficiency, 0.5 to 4 IU of dosage is required to consume each day.

For mass gain, the dosage for men is 5 to 10 IU each day and for women is 3 IU each day.

For the bodybuilders who wish to keep their body fit using HGH injections the dosage and cycle are stated below:

  • 1 injection each day of 2 IU dosage in the cycle of 1-4 week
  • 1 injection each day of 2.5 IU dosage in the 5th week
  • 1 injection each day of 1.5 IU dosage in the 6th week
  • 1 injection each day of 1.75 IU in the 7th week
  • At last, you have to keep going with a 0.25 increase until 5 IU is achieved.

What is the way to consume HGH?

Normally, the HGH is consumed in the body through injections that are injected into muscles or most easily can be injected into the fat layer of the stomach. When HGH is injected into muscles it takes only 2.5 hours for the growth hormone to react and on the other hand, HGH takes 3.5 to 4 hours when injected in the fat layer of the stomach for the growth hormone to react.

The best time to inject HGH is an empty stomach in the morning, before 1 hour of having breakfast.

At night, after 3 to 4 hours of having the last meal of the day. 

What is the outcome of HGH?

The common cycle of consuming HGH is about 3 months with a proper diet as recommended by the doctor and the outcome will be an increase of 10-13 lbs and with proper workout, the outcome will be an increase of 22 lbs.

By having a low carb diet and cardio exercise properly for 2.5 or 3 months, an individual can lose up to 40 lbs.

Where can you buy HGH in Canada?

The Food and Drug Administration has officially prohibited the growth hormones so you can only get HGH only by the prescription of a doctor for a specific disease. Many shops still sell HGH without a doctor’s prescription but many of them are not natural ones instead it could be of different compounds whose consumption can also result in side effects. Buy HGH in Canada

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