Luxurious Marketing Products For Your Brand

Branded marketing products are nothing new. Companies have been placing their logo on items to be given away or earned as loyalty rewards for at least 100 years.

The benefit of branded marketing products is obvious. You give something to your customers, and they use these items that have your branding in their daily lives. 

A common example is a backpack with your logo. Every time that customer picks up that backpack, they are reminded of your brand. 

This is an amazing way to increase loyalty and repeat customers. Who doesn’t want to buy things from people who give them gifts? 

A second, the perhaps larger benefit of custom marketing products is for the people who do not actually receive the product but see it in use. That customer saw the logo on the backpack when they picked it up for a day in the park, but how many people will see the logo while your customer is walking around with it?

The viral aspect of a branded product can’t be underestimated. It provides brand awareness, because people who have never heard of you may ask. This awareness can even be subconscious, but the next time that potential customer sees your brand, it will be familiar, even if they don’t know why.

Quality Matters in Marketing Materials

One major flaw in most custom marketing products is quality. 

If you are a bank or real estate company, a cheap pen may be adequate. If the goal is simply to have as many people as possible reminded that you exist as often as possible, an inexpensive item that they will pick up and carry out the door, only to leave behind someplace else for another person to find, this kind of semi-disposable products are perfect.

For most scenarios, cheap or semi-disposable are not words you want to be associated with your brand. 

You are spending your marketing money to purchase the products that you are giving away. The goal should be for your customers to use these products for as long as possible. 

There are some clear advantages to using higher-end marketing products.

Luxurious marketing products make your customers feel appreciated. 

When a brand gives you something that feels like you would buy it yourself, you perceive that company as valuing you. 

You are more likely to give repeat business to someone who values you and your business, so having a high-quality product to remind you of that relationship will greatly increase loyalty.

Increased loyalty pays off in that customer’s business, but also in word of mouth advertising. Whether it is the intangible of their good feelings leading to a positive recommendation, or the literal payoff of them showing a friend the fantastic gift your business gave them, quality marketing products will lead to your customers taking care of you.

Quality Marketing Products Heightens Your Perceived Value

When potential customers see someone using a marketing product that looks cheap, they associate that brand with cheapness. In the same way, using nicer marketing products can improve those mental associations for your brand.

By making your brand seem luxurious or desirable, you increase the likelihood of new customers seeking you out, and you increase your ability to be seen as valuable. Because people are so used to cheap marketing products everywhere they go, showing something of quality will make your brand stand.

In summary, there is any number of cheap marketing products available, but they can decrease the market value of the companies that use them. To be perceived as a quality company, you should seek out higher quality marketing products!

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