How to track blood pressure using a mobile phone?

People who complain of surges in hypertension need to monitor it continually. Traditional blood pressure monitors are bulky to carry around. You really need full HRV equipment? It is exceptionally inconvenient when a person is mobile and is used to an active lifestyle, and is often outside the home. Today, your pressure can be measured using a mobile phone. The best blood pressure app for iPhone will help with this. Now control over the regularity of blood strain measurements and your general condition is taken over by the mobile application. Thanks to this, we can prevent heart attacks, strokes, and other health problems.

Regularity of observation

Constant observation allows you to trace the connection of factors affecting your well-being. Understanding how exercising or taking a long walk will affect blood oxygen and reduce stress levels motivates us to do so even more often. Continuous collection of data and translation into graphical diagrams demonstrates changes in your condition.

It helps the doctor.

It also helps your treating doctor during the examination, as he can analyze your complete data. In this case, the prescribed treatment will be more effective because the doctor considers all possible factors and sees the reaction to them. Only after analyzing the data, the doctor can adjust the treatment. Also, he can find the response of your body to taking certain previously prescribed medications.

Remote patient support

In the modern world, when a pandemic requires quarantine measures and restrictions on contact with other people, you should be able to monitor your health on your own. Measuring blood pressure and heart rate at home helps those who are afraid of contracting the virus at the doctor’s office or are frightened of people in white coats. In the latter case, the fear experienced can cause increased stress levels, which in itself will distort your state of rest and prevent the doctor from correctly assessing your condition. Therefore, an independent measurement of the pressure at home at rest, while maintaining the measures taken earlier, is the best solution for many.

How can I use my phone as a tonometer?

It is easy to measure own strain using a mobile phone camera, which is always at hand for a modern person. It is enough to install a particular application, and it will turn the cell phone camera into a full-fledged tonometer. An app like Welltory makes it easy to measure more than pulse, blood pressure, and heart rate.

The primary purpose of the application is to help people record and analyze their health. Using the application allows you to turn your phone into a multifunctional and efficient device. This extension will analyze the quality of your sleep, measure your stress levels. And even accompany you through your meditation as a digital guru and assistant.

Such monitoring allows you to see the history of blood pressure over a certain period. Information graphs display the intensity of blood strain changes during the day, week, or a specifically selected time range. Such a visual and regular control with this application can help fight against hypertension and its many possible complications. The data of traditional pressure monitors in the doctor’s office may differ solely due to the patient’s more significant anxiety.

Carry out a comparative analysis at home between measurements with a mobile phone and the classical method. You will see that there can be no objective reason to doubt the accuracy of the measurements. Therefore, the general indicators and the average level of pressure over a more extended period will be more accurate than those obtained at the doctor’s appointment at home. In addition to the blood pressure level, you can monitor the heart rate and the pulse, and both diastolic and systolic pressures are automatically separated and recorded. Thanks to this, it is possible to determine a more appropriate drug dose for lowering blood pressure.

How it works

The camera and its flash are used to determine heart rate variability. With each heartbeat, the blood in the vessels comes and goes. The intensity of the filling of blood vessels is reflected in the color of the skin. When blood is ejected into the vessels, the color of the frame darkens, and when the blood moves back – lightens. The application fixes this difference due to the transmission of the skin with an intense flash of light. At this time, the camera can even record video.

Heart rate variability and how to measure it at home

This is called photoplethysmography. Any fitness bracelet or watch designed to measure heart rate works on the same principle. But heart rate variability is precisely the interval between contractions of the heart muscle. If you have a heart rate of 60-70 beats per minute, it does not mean the rhythm and strength of your heart contraction.

HRV needs to be measured to understand which regulatory system is currently actively influencing heart function. With this information, you can understand the state of the nervous system or stress levels. At rest, it will be clear how the emotional recovery and the general condition of the body.

The heart is not consistent in its work and the nature of the heartbeat depends on many factors. The human body is constantly in a state of adaptation to many external and internal changes. Therefore, evolution has created regulatory systems – nervous, endocrine, immune and others, which work closely together and support each other’s work. The heart works automatically and depending on the surrounding circumstances and internal health, the heart rate changes to adapt. At work, during a morning jog, in stress or on a date, your heart works differently. This, in fact, is the variability of the heart – the higher it is, the better. High HRV indicates the ability to adapt and vitality.

What makes the application unique?

Everyone has their own heart rate variability and it depends on many factors. In some circumstances, two people react differently, and therefore feel differently. Everyone reacts to external circumstances in their own way. The algorithm of our application can evolve and self-learn. After analyzing the collected database, Welltory created the best heart rate variability app – an application that has an individual approach. You can use it even on Apple watch with the same accuracy. It will work with all of product of Apple. Blood pressure is under control now!


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