5 Ways to Lower Cholesterol Naturally

Obesity and high cholesterol levels are the prime reason for heart attacks and strokes. Knowing how to lower cholesterol naturally will help you avoid costly and potentially harmful drug therapies. However, it is not always easy to identify the reasons for your higher blood cholesterol levels. Not to mention that not all cholesterol types are harmful to your body.

In this short article, you will find influential ways to naturally reduce your cholesterol levels, using the power of your will and nothing more than that. Let’s see which are the most successful ways to achieve such a triumph in a short period:

1-Increase Your Dietary Fibers

The dietary fibers are almost in any vegetable that you eat. The greener the vegetable, the higher the percentage of dietary fibers in its mass. If you find a way to consume more dietary fibers, it will get hard to absorb carbs in your stomach that can help you abolish fats and dissolve the internal blood cholesterol. These fibers are also responsible for creating good cholesterol (HDL), which is driving bad cholesterol out of your system through the urinary tract.

2-Eat More Fatty Fish

Fatty fish are known for the omega-3 lipids, which are full of good cholesterol. If you want to reduce the total cholesterol, you can insist on eating portions of fatty fish at least twice a week. People usually manage to combine fish with steamed vegetables that is also a good practice if you want to keep the cholesterol intake at the lowest possible levels. This kind of fish is also responsible for a lower calorie intake, which could also help burn more fat cells and thus extract cholesterol from your body systems.

3-Exercise More During the Day

There is no way you can reduce your body cholesterol without getting activated during the day. You can start with mild exercises like walking and jogging. Most people need to repeat the exercise once every two days so that their body can adapt to the new situation. The more you move and exercise, the greater are the energy needs for your muscles. That gives a message to your fat cells to dissociate and burn fatty acids. Cholesterol is the first fatty acid used by your liver to produce energy. That’s why walking can give you a long-term benefit in naturally reducing your blood cholesterol levels.

4-Quit Smoking

Doctors insist on quitting smoking as the most successful way to lower your cholesterol levels. New studies that have been recently published show that smoking could be inducing endogenous cholesterol production in your liver. Even though you are not an obese person, cholesterol can increase in your blood quantity due to the smoking habit. Even from the first days of smoking habit quit, you can see the advantages of lower cholesterol and better stamina in the exercise that will further give you a natural cholesterol reduction.

5-Stop Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol is a rich source of carbs. That is why people who consume more than two portions (10ml each) of alcohol per week can be eligible to have a higher cholesterol blood level than others. All people who have managed to maintain a regular alcohol intake or even cut it radically have quickly seen their blood cholesterol levels coming to their natural levels.


Blood cholesterol could be as catastrophic as other fats. Even though our cells use the cholesterol molecules for their membranes, the excess number of such cholesterol can always clog your arteries and veins. You need to make sure that you adopt a new lifestyle to help you live better, with less blood cholesterol.

Just remember that not all types of cholesterol are harmful for your body, but it would be wiser to eliminate the total cholesterol and then deal with others.

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