Why NetSuite is The Best cloud ERP for Startups

Why NetSuite is The Best cloud ERP for Startups

The digital world is always in constant evolution. For Startups, it is imperative to find a system that can support the business in all its stages of growth.

Companies that are just beginning their path to becoming an organization are looking to adopt cloud-based technologies that allow them to have better cost synergies, scalability, and greater agility in the processes. This is why NetSuite marketplace has the best cloud ERP solution for Startups.

Oracle software has a long history of providing hyper-growth for the company that implements it, as it accompanies them from birth to their goal of becoming a global organization. 65% of IPOs (Initial Public Offering), that is, companies that have gone public in the last year, are companies that use NetSuite implementation to scale and manage their operations globally.

Thanks to its high customization, adaptability, and scalability capabilities, NetSuite is the best cloud ERP solution for startups, regardless of whether they are large or small. There are more than 1,500 technology companies that understand that the key to managing accelerated exponential growth is the back office system since it allows eliminating manual processes that end up being costly and inefficient for the company, as well as connecting customers, partners, and suppliers from any time and place. All through any device with an Internet connection.

Why NetSuite is the best cloud ERP for Startups

Lower IT costs

SaaS-based systems have a significantly lower cost of ownership. They eliminate the costs associated with purchasing and maintenance infrastructure, upgrading to new versions, annual reviews, and training. The implantation process generally takes 1 month from start to finish.

Operational efficiency

In a two-tier ERP model, a SaaS-based business system provides just the right process complexity for a small division or business unit. The complexity of the process in a large division is very different from that of a small division. For example, a $ 30M division, with two accounting staff members, requires a fundamentally different workflow than that required by an accounting team of 300 employees.

Speed and flexibility

Small businesses or divisions rely on speed to implement new strategies and continually change their business processes in response to market needs. Unfortunately, the rigidity and complexity of corporate ERP systems can hamper your reactions. NetSuite’s reach ensures they spend less energy on IT and more on core offerings that make a difference to their business.

Regulatory control

A two-tier ERP model enables a large company to migrate the operations of that entity to a separate system in a very cost-effective way and at a rapid pace, while also ensuring that relevant finances can be implemented for reporting purposes. usually.

Here is the case of Blue Microphones, a producer of headphones and microphones for both professionals and users. In this, you will see how NetSuite consultants and NetSuite developers helped them scale and reach that stage of sustained growth.

There is also a NetSuite mobile app to manage all these actions on your phone whether it is an android or an iPhone.

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