What To Binge This Weekend: ‘Wonder Woman’

Have you watched Wonder Woman 1984? Do you think that’s the end of the line when it comes to your Wonder Woman experience? Not so fast! This week, I am going back into the world of TV-bingeing recommendations. Presumably owing to the fact that HBO Max has both Wonder Woman movies available on their service, I have just found out that the old ‘70s Wonder Woman show is on there as well.

In the show, Lynda Carter plays Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman. You know her deal. She’s an Amazon with bulletproof bracelets, a lasso of truth, and, oh yeah, an invisible plane. This is a much bigger part of the TV show than the movies, mostly because an invisible plane is very silly. Then again, Wonder Woman 1984 was also supremely silly, but not in a good way. The silliness just works better, or is at least more tolerable, in a ‘70s TV show, especially one that doesn’t have a lavish budget.

Lyle Waggoner is along for the ride as Steve Trevor, and later Steve Trevor Jr. I should note that the first season is set during World War II, but then second and third seasons are set in the present, which is to say the ‘70s. Honestly, you could probably skip most of the first season, or even all of it, and just start with season two. That’s the Wonder Woman TV show that most of us remember.

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Don’t expect a great show, but it’s a fun one. There’s a camp quality to it, but not in as knowing and winking of a way as Batman ’66. That show is a genuine, intentional comedy. Wonder Woman isn’t that, but it’s an action show that keeps it fairly light and has a lot in common with other ‘70s procedurals. The dated qualities of the show are to its benefit when you watch it now. It adds a little extra fun to the proceedings. Also, in one episode Wonder Woman skateboards and it rules.

Since you presumably know plenty about Wonder Woman and don’t need any backstory, you can pick and choose which episodes you want to watch over the weekend. If an episode sounds like a fun one to you, give it a shot. There are plenty of episodes, so you won’t even get through them all in a weekend anyway. Just don’t skip that opening theme song, no matter what. It’s infectious, even during a binge session.

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