Football Movies Have Punted On Entertainment

January is a great month for football. There are big-time college bowl games, and also the college football championship game. The NFL playoffs play three rounds in January, before giving us the Super Bowl early in February. I love football. Watching football gets me through a good chunk of winter after Christmas is over and as I wait for spring to arrive and warm things up. However, despite my love of football, I can’t think of many particularly good football movies.

Granted, I haven’t seen Little Giants since I was a child, and Rick Moranis rules, but my guess is that it doesn’t hold up. When I was a teenager, I really enjoyed The Replacements. It was probably one of the last VHS movies I ever got. Keanu Reeves leads a classic story of sports underdogs. Granted, they are playing scabs to serve as replacement players during a strike, but I digress. As an adult, though, I think the movie is merely decent. Leatherheads was a flop, and I think Remember the Titans is overrated. Neither version of The Longest Yard appeals to me. I mean, there’s Heaven Can Wait, but that’s barely about football.

The Longest Yard publicity still of Adam Sandler & Bob Sapp | Adam sandler,  Terry crews, Football movies

Comparing football to hockey, another sport I love, there are a few hockey movies I really enjoy. Slap Shot is great. The first two Mighty Ducks movies retain some charm to me in adulthood. Even, like Goon or Miracle are enjoyable. I like real football considerably more than real baseball, but when it comes to movies, I can think of a few baseball films I enjoy more than any football film.

In spite of my fandom of football, and the amount of time I spend watching football, I have yet to find a football movie that really appeals to me. Oh well. At least I still get to watch actual football.

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