Some Benefits of good music therapy in 2021

There are countless benefits of music. You can elevate your mood and bring down your stress levels. It helps to reduce anxiety, pain and diverts your mind from negative thoughts and feelings.

For years, music is used by various health professionals to help their patients improve their mental and emotional health.

People of all ages love to listen to music. Music is something we all love to listen. We play it while traveling, working out in the gym, and doing every day home chores.

And to enjoy good music, you don’t necessarily need to be a musician yourself. It doesn’t matter what your profession is. With music, you can stay focused and motivated at anything you do.

From barbers to athletes, gym trainers, and artists. All play music at some point in their day to relieve stress and stay focused at work.

The benefits of good music therapy are endless. Although it is a newer concept, it is considered an effective therapy among teenagers who suffer from mental health problems.

A Popular Choice as Alternative therapy

There are many harmful effects of certain medicines if you take them for longer periods. And not everyone likes to resort to antidepressants to deal with their mental issues. Music therapy, therefore, is a great alternative for such medicines.

Today, many experienced musicians work as professional music therapists. They possess in-depth knowledge about music and its effects on the human mind. 

In a research published by Harvard Medical, it was revealed that music therapy can work as a secondary treatment for various medical conditions.

Eliminates Stress and Decreases Fatigue during Medical Treatments

During certain surgeries and treatments, doctors use music therapy to reduce stress and discomfort in patients. 

Listening to soothing music before chemotherapy treatments helps one stay less anxious during the treatment.

For certain surgeries, music helps patients experience less pain and suffering during the procedure. And at times, one can use it in the recovery room to help patients recover faster. It helps to reduce stress and trauma caused by the surgery and the disease itself.

Proves to be remedial in curing neurological diseases

Music therapy helps seniors suffering from neurological diseases like dementia and memory loss. Those who make music a part of their daily routine stay more active and motivated. They are less likely to suffer from the adverse effects of common diseases that are associated with old age. 

Those seniors who live alone improve their hearing, communication, and motor skills through music. They get a chance to sing, play instruments and listen to various songs. And they do all this under the guidance of a certified music therapist.

Cures Physical Ailments and quickens recovery

Music therapy is not only beneficial for mental health. It has various physiological benefits as well. Music therapy can heal in the following physical ailments:

  1. Chronic breathing problems 
  2. High blood pressure
  3. Heart rhythm problems  
  4. Chronic sleeping disorders

Shows positive results in curing acute and chronic stress

Whether you suffer from chronic or acute stress, music therapy is helpful to control both forms of stress. Music is a powerful medium through which you can change or control your mood and emotions. 

In Conclusion

Different genres of music have different healing effects on our mind and body. In Chinese medicine, the five main organs of the human body have different musical tones. You can heal different parts of the body by using these musical tones. Traditional and folk music helps you to relax. Similarly, rock and heavy metal music have opposite effects on our minds.


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