How To Get More Joy Out Of Your Life

Many people in America live lives full of drudgery. They feel like they go to work, come home, and then repeat the same thing over and over again endlessly. Obviously, that’s not a lifestyle that sparks a lot of joy.

So, what can you do to be happier and enjoy life more? The answer isn’t necessarily to quit your job or to just give up on society altogether. Instead, you simply have to take some small but meaningful steps to purposefully instill more joy and fun into your life.

Learn to Say No

First of all, ask yourself if you’re a chronic “people pleaser.” Chances are if you consistently put other people’s feelings and wants above your own and have a hard time saying no, you are!

While people pleasing may help you to keep the peace, it only serves to make you less happy and more stressed. Thus, learn how to say no. It’s a two-letter word with a big impact!

If you start saying no to things you don’t really want and don’t have to do, it may be hard at first. And, yes, you may lose some “friends” that weren’t really your friends at all. But, what you’ll gain is more free time to just relax and do the things you actually want to do, which should make your life a lot more enjoyable.

Take Care of Yourself

Being happy is hard if you’re in poor health or feel bad about yourself or the way you look.

As such, make your health and taking care of yourself in general a top priority. Block out time each day for exercise that you actually enjoy. Whether it’s jogging or taking a dance class, if you exercise in a fun way, you’re more likely to stick to it. 

Also, eat healthily as often as possible, and strive to give yourself a little downtime that’s just for you each day. After all, mental health is just as important as physical!

Your efforts will undoubtedly evolve into looking and feeling better, which will help you to make the most of your life, and maybe even to live longer too!

Earn More Money

It’s been said that money can’t buy happiness. And, while that may be true to an extent, more disposable income means an increased ability to do the things you love, like attending a concert or taking a weekend road trip. 

Thus, do your best to find ways to increase your income without greatly increasing your stress level. For example, if you own a car, you could consider cash title loans to finance a better lifestyle. Or, you might want to take on an easy, enjoyable side hustle to earn some extra cash to do the things you love.

No matter how you accomplish the goal, if you earn more, you can do more! You’ll be able to enjoy diverse activities that are sure to make your life more memorable and enjoyable.

Travel Often

Once you have adequate extra money coming in, make a conscious effort to travel more often.

Whether you visit small towns within a few hours’ drive of where you live or go across the country, traveling is a wonderful way to make life less dull. You’ll experience more, see new things, meet people, find places you love, and encounter new possibilities, which can make life feel fresh and joyous once again.

Be Mindful

Finally, make an effort to be more mindful about how you spend your time and who you spend it with.

Many people, for example, don’t realize how much time they’re spending on social media . . . or how miserable it’s making them. Likewise, you may have someone toxic in your life who sucks the joy right out of it by putting you down or making you feel used.

Take notice of how situations, activities, and people make you feel, and don’t be afraid to cut out anything that’s making your life less, rather than more, wonderful.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, no one’s life can be perfect and happy 100% of the time. But, you do deserve a life that’s joy-filled almost all of the time. If you haven’t quite achieved that yet, then try these tips. Before you know it, your life could be happier and more fulfilling than you ever dreamed possible. It just takes a little effort from you to get things started!

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