Zack Blakeney, Authenticity Mentor, shares how to “delete” negative emotions in a split second for lasting impact

What if you could just CTRL+ALT+DELETE all the mistakes you’ve made in your life and start fresh? Would you?

All the times you let anger dictate your actions only to misread the situation, or bought another shirt from a crafty social media ad, only to add it to the “worn once” collection in your closet, or how about drowning your sorrows in a pint of ice cream and a bag of chips, only to feel worse the next day.

Although it is unrealistic to “start over”, you can start anew.

Using CTRL+ALT+DELETE as your preventative measure to CONTROL your emotions, ALTER your thinking, and DELETE the thoughts that do not serve you.

In our technologically based society that has programmed you to believe that instant gratification is how the world works, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth.

Take a moment to think about a time when you acted on an emotion driven impulse, how did that work out for you? Exactly.

You have been programmed, just like a computer. Which is exactly what your brain is, a computer made of organic matter that has two primary jobs; to think, and to protect you from uncomfortable situations.

But you are the operator of your computer, and just as I type this article telling the computer how I want it to act, you have the power to tell your brain how you want it to act.

And if you have yet to distinguish your soul’s inner voice from your thoughts, here is a revelational truth for you, your thoughts are not you.

They are, as previously stated, just another job of the body you currently find yourself in.

If you attached yourself to every irrational and emotionally driven thought you have had in your lifetime as truth to act, where would you be?

I would probably be in jail, or worse.

Although the ridiculous thoughts our brain’s create are an obvious marker for the distinction between your thoughts and your soul.

It’s the subtle and monotonous thoughts we see as being “harmless”, that are causing patterns of destruction in your life.

Because if your thoughts were you, you wouldn’t feel the internal suffering in your gut every time your brain tricks you into thinking this time will be different or when something feels “off” about a situation, but you go along with it anyways.

All stimulating the same disappointing reaction, “I knew that was going to happen”

Who do you think the “I” is that you are referring to?

You guessed it, that’s the real you. The authentic you. The soul that lives within your body, trying desperately to grab your attention, just for a moment to put in it’s two cents before you act.

The time is now to take control of your computer, and with the CTRL+ALT+DELETE method, you have a weapon against the negativity that is keeping you comfortably suffering.

It’s the moment your soul has been waiting for, giving you the time and space to make a wise choice, before making an action you will later regret.

So the next time you feel the emotional impulse to act, take a moment to simply say CTRL+ALT+DELETE and let your soul speak.

With your inner voice as your guide to a happy and fulfilling life.

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