INTERVIEW: Octopus Montage

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hey guys! Thanks for having us! We’ve all been good recently! We’ve been trying to focus on building up the band as much as we can,dropping new music and really focusing on how to promote it effectively. It can be difficult keeping focussed considering the pandemic and everything that comes with it, but it’s all about grasping the opportunities that’s given to you regardless of the scenario and how bleak it may be.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Dopamine”?

Of course! I wrote the bare bones and most of the lyrics that you hear now about a week before my 19th birthday. I was in a bit of a weird place. I wasn’t in a dark place by any means, I just seemed to be in a rut, like a perpetual state of just feeling ‘meh.’ 

At the time, I’d written two or three demos, all of which you will have heard or will be hearing very soon, but they were all very ‘scream’ orientated and I’d never really tried my hand at writing a Pop-Punk song. I remember going into my makeshift studio in my bedroom and just thinking ‘F it,I’m going to write a blink-182 song.’

I sat down and just tried to play the most simple thing I could. Four chords, a bouncy rhythm and a simple melody and that’s kinda where it all started. Once the basic demo was down, there was no doubt in my mind what the song was going to be about. I effectively poked fun at a lot of my insecurities and it’s not changed too much since then. 

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

HAHA yeah, quite a few actually. As I said I was almost 19 and it was my first year of being a ‘proper adult.’ I’d left college and was one of the only people I knew that wasn’t going to university, don’t get me started on uni – what a con…Anyway, because I was used to being around a lot of people my age, it came as somewhat of a shock when school friends, people in my group and even our bass player Davina were no longer around all the time. They’d moved all across the country for uni. On top of this, I was seeing lots of posts on social media by people I grew up with getting married and having kids and I spent most nights in my room playing on my Playstation on my own and being pages deep on Pornhub. Yeah…The song basically sums all that up along with a healthy dose of self-deprecation for good measure. 

What was the filming process like for the video? Anything in particular stand out about that experience?

From my point of view, it was very easy. Due to the pandemic and the UK being in lockdown we couldn’t get together and film the video we wanted to so instead we called upon our followers,friends and family to help us out. We had a group call and came up with the idea to base the video around our pets and that’s kinda where it all stemmed from. Me and Dec often share video editing duties and this was Dec’s turn so all I had to do was hang out with my dogs. How sick is that!

How was the writing and recording process for the song?

The writing was quite easy. It was one of those songs that just happened. I think, in total, it took about 90 minutes to come up with,write the lyrics and record a demo. The actual recording process is a bit different. We’re very meticulous with recording and because we recorded something like 12 songs in the same period, it seemed like an endless cycle of record, edit, get feedback, repeat. This went on for about 18 months and I can’t say I particularly enjoyed the process but I’d like to think it is worth it! 

What role does being from Blackpool play in your music? Is there a big music scene there?

Not to be the most stereotypical ‘Pop-Punk’ band member but we aren’t massive fans of our hometown or at least we aren’t massive fans of the scene round here or at least what is left of it. This particular song hasn’t  really been influenced by our surroundings but it has most certainly affected other unreleased songs and even been the main subject of a few. I’m personally not a fan of the Blackpool scene and I think the other guys would say the same. Don’t get me wrong, there are some absolute gems in our local area. Venues like Bootleg Social have really helped us out and bands like ‘Twisted Obsession’ and ‘Blacklist’ have been super supportive and helped us out along the way but a large majority of the scene is very two-faced and we’ve had many encounters with people around us being our biggest fans to our faces but,well, far from that when we weren’t around. It’s not something worth dwelling on though, it’s all about investing energy into the right people and creating a bubble that we know we can depend on, lean on and help out whenever we can!

How have bands like A Day To Remember and Four Year Strong influenced your writing?

I don’t think there is one Octopus Montage song that hasn’t been influenced by A Day To Remember. Personally, ‘Dopamine’ was influenced mainly by blink-182 however when I sent the track to Dec and he did a few things, like making the guitar melody more engaging and I think it’s clear to see the ADTR influence! As for Four Year Strong, I have only just started listening to them in the last month or so and I’m so annoyed that I’ve just discovered them, they’re awesome!

Does the new single mean we can expect more new material soon? How’s that coming along?

Yes, yes it does…I could get in trouble for this but screw it. I’ve mentioned that we recorded multiple songs at once and that’s because we’ve spent the last year or two writing and recording our debut album. We’ve been dropping singles since September and there are a few more to come before we drop what I am personally super proud of!

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

All I am going to say is keep an eye out for ‘How To Live and How To Lose.’ I’m not sure what i can say about dates right now.

What else is happening next in Octopus Montage’s world?

It’s a tricky one due to the pandemic but personally I just want to get back on the road again. We’ve bought a van and I can’t wait for the cramped and smelly nights in that vehicle!

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