Great Tips On Learning Guitar Notes

We will use this guitar theory lesson to take a look at how we can learn the notes found on the guitar. The material we will cover can be used for both acoustic and electric guitar players. Whatever guitar you are playing whether it is a Gibson or a Fender. We know that learning those fretboard notes is something that many of us put off but it really is something that all guitar players should know. Here are the top 7 tips that will have you getting to know the notes on the guitar like the back of your hand.

Tip 1 – Simplicity Is Key

You may find it a little overwhelming to learn the notes on the fretboard. That is why you need to keep things simple and start with just one string. However, before you get to that point you need to know the names of each guitar string.

Tip 2 – Learn The Natural Notes First

It will make your life much easier if you focus on the natural notes first when learning notes on a string.

When you have learned the natural notes you can then apply them to the string. For instance, use the B string and start on B then name all the natural notes and for now skip over the sharps and flats as you make your way up the string until you get to the next B which will be on the 12th fret.

Tip 3 – Give Those Notes a Voice

A tremendous aid in memorizing notes is to say them out loud as you learn them. The more angles you can come at in learning something the more likely it is going to stick.

Tip 4 – Go Backward Too, Not Just Forward

Going through the notes backward as well as forward can really help get those notes into your memory. It will also mean that your mind can quickly work both ways when you are looking for a note.

Tip 5 – Do A Few Note Skips

By skipping notes as you learn you will give yourself a great headstart in really familiarizing yourself with the fretboard notes. When you can’t use the alphabet to rely on it will force you to remember where the individual notes are.

Tip 6 – Quickly identify All the Same Notes

When you reach the point that you can find notes on a few strings then give yourself the challenge to find as many of a specific note as possible. Make your way through the notes and you will soon be flying up and down the fretboard.

Tip 7 – Memorize in Vertical Fashion

See if you can learn the notes vertically. When doing this is it best to work inside one fret each time.

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