“From Dusk Till Dawn” Animated Series On the Way According to Director Robert Rodriguez

File this one under Highly Unlikely Yet True Movie News: hot off the presses from our horror film muchachos at Bloody Disgusting comes the news this very day that, on the heels of the film’s 25th anniversary, the 1996 Robert Rodriguez directed, Quentin Tarantino written From Dusk Till Dawn is…headed to the world of animation?!? Let’s unpack this, shall we?

 A quick refresher course on all things From Dusk Till Dawn related to catch the uninitiated up to speed: Dusk is about two brothers on the lam from the law (the brothers are played in the original flick by George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino) who make the unwise decision of planning a money drop at a biker bar that is infested with vampires. Got that? The first film was a hit upon release and it eventually spawned two sequels, a video game and an ongoing television series. A more unlikely of a cottage industry you are bound to find, yet its worked like gangbusters for a quarter of a century, so what do I know? For my part and for what it’s worth, I really liked the first iteration; Clooney has rarely been cooler and Tarantino puts in an admirable acting job, aided and abetted by his rapid, crackerjack dialogue and wonky plot, which is one part heist caper and one part Hammer horror film.

So yeah, back to the whole animated series thing: Robert Rodriguez dropped the equivalent of an atom bomb for Dusk fans this week when he announced that the franchise was headed into The Secret of NIMH territory with its very own animated project. And, one upping those pesky mice from 1982, the project will be an honest-to-Pete ongoing animated endeavor.

 Speaking with SFX Magazine, the El Mariachi director said that “We did three seasons of that (television series). And now we’re looking towards, we’re developing an animated Dusk till Dawn.

Want more details Fangoria and Famous Monsters of Filmland fanatics? Well, too bad: Rodriguez didn’t spill the entire can of beans on this reveal, only adding that this animated feast for the senses will “Follow in the footsteps of the live-action show and further explore the world of Aztec vampires.” In other words, don’t hold your breath for a voice-over cameo from Clooney (although I am; optimism is my new keyword in 2021).

 Absolutely no more to report on this, but you know the drill True Believers: Face front, and as soon as we have more information to dope out to you we’ll be sure to brush off the old Underwood and get a “terror teletype” out to you ASAP!

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