OTT Watchlist: Best Tool to Track Movies and TV Shows You’ve Watched

OTT Watchlist is perhaps the newest tool that can help you track movies, TV shows, and even articles you’ve read.

Now, you already know – Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu leading the pack of streaming world, and it is common to hear people complain about missing shows or episodes. There’s a lot of TV shows to watch with new episodes airing every day and some shows getting slashed, it’s hard to keep track of all your TV shows and adding new ones to your list.

What is OTT Watchlist?

OTT Watchlist is a Movie & TV Series tracker designed to make sure you’re up-to-speed with the TV shows you watch and even notify you for new episodes. Stay on the top of latest releases with movie tracker app that lets you track your watched TV shows and movies, keep an eye on new releases, recommendations on what to watch.

What are the Features of OTT Watchlist?

OTT watchlist features a slick UI and packs plenty of functions like custom lists, comments, and detailed reviews. The OTT watchlist application available for android and IOS gives you all the features of OTT watchlist and real-time market updates on-the-go at your fingertips. OTT Watchlist gives you;

  • There is a catalog of TV shows, movies, and actors to explore
  • Explore quick recommendation to watch in your list
  • Track and monitor your current watchlist and ongoing episodes
  • Custom library of previously watched shows
  • You can create a list of movies to be watched later
  • Personalized recommendations based on previous watchlists
  • Rate TV and shows with an exclusive critics tab
  • Find a carefully curated list of top 50 or 100 all-time must-watch movies
  • Comments, read reviews, and buzz feed on the vine
  • After credits with quizzes, memes, polls, articles, and podcasts.
  • Streaming updates on new movies releases and episodes updated

So, why choose the OTT Watchlist?

Streaming (OTT) Platforms

Keep up with currently streaming content on OTT streaming platforms like Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, and many more. Advanced filters and search algorithms let you browse by platform, and apply filters based on language, genre, etc. Now you can personalize your experience based on TV shows, movies, and others.

Streaming (OTT) Updates

Get notified with latest OTT updates about new premiere dates and timing to never miss a moment. Create a personal watchlist of shows and movies before they air with streaming dates and upcoming releases categorized by genre and streaming platforms on OTT Watchlist.


Complete family entertainment with latest exciting kids TV shows, cartoos, and animated movies. GE and PG-rated films certified material that is absolutely children friendly with adult-free content. Complete control over the content watched on TV with parental controls.


A one-stop-shop for carefully curated content featuring the top 50 or 100 TV shows of all time, timeless masterpieces, and all-time favorite shows, and top 100 movies and TV shows recommendations across multiple languages based on your personal preferences. Get in-depth analysis and critics of your favorite TV shows while tracking your current shows and viewing progress.


OTT Watchlist provides a comprehensive list of previously watched TV shows, movies, and episodes and your current watching progress. Create a personal to-do list of Tv shows, movies, and upcoming releases and look back at your last viewed episodes. Compare and match Movie recommendations, upcoming Tv shows, and new premieres according to statistics, reviews, and ratings of each


Keep up to speed with articles, unbiased reviews, and rumors about recommended, TV shows with OTT Watchlist. MustWatch movies, entertainment news, and any info on your favorite episodes of any TV show and Movies is available on OTT streaming service always in your hand.

OTT Watchlist – Streaming Guide is available at your Disposal. OTT Watchlist is Available on Android, iOS devices and web users.

So, what do you waiting for?

Make your streaming experience worth with

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