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Installing a Folding Attic Ladder is the Best Solution for Easy Attic Access

If your home is lacking enough storage space for all the stuff you use occasionally, you don’t need to despair. You’ll be surprised to find out that a practical solution is literally right above your head. Many homes in the UK have some kind of attic space and even though the area usually has limited headroom, it is still a perfect place for storing seasonal closet-clogging items. But the greatest challenge with making your attic useful as additional storage space is finding a convenient and safe way to gain access. Luckily, an excellent solution to making your attic more useful, easy and safe to access is installing a folding attic ladder. Here’s a simple and quick guide to help you get started.

Cutting Out the opening

Once you have determined the area where you want to install your ladder, draw some lines on the ceiling to represent the opening of the folding ladder. But before you start cutting out the opening, peep into the attic to ensure there are no wires, pipes, or ducts in the way. You should also cut out any joists or wood obstructing the opening.

Building the Opening Frame

Temporarily screw in a pair of 1×3 cleats onto the ceiling across the opening. Construct a frame using 1×8 planks to fit tightly into the rough opening. Drop the finished frame onto the 1×3 cleats and attach it to the framework using nails or lag screws, then remove the temporary cleats.

Mounting the Door Panel

Attach the door panel to one end of the frame using the hinges that come with the staircase. Inspect the door to make sure it swings correctly, it fits flush inside the frame, and that it shuts without binding.

Installing the Spring Drums and Pulley System

Use the screws provided to attach the left-side spring drums onto the frame right above the door hinge. Do the same for the right-side spring drums and attach the header-guide frame between both sets of spring drums. To install the pulley system, screw in the cable pulley on both sides of the frame and position them approximately 20 inches from the header.

Attaching the Staircase

First assemble the staircase and then attach the staircase to the door panel in the opening above. Make sure you slide in the steel door-guide frame onto the staircase before attaching it to the door panel. You can then proceed to mount the cable holders and calibrate the cables’ tension to ensure the staircase has a smooth guide.
Attics often serve as great storage spaces in many homes in the UK. Unfortunately, many attics can also be difficult to access. Installing a folding attic ladder can be the perfect solution if your home is short on storage space. Of course, you might be tempted to do the installation yourself. But that can turn out to be a difficult and dangerous undertaking if you lack the right skills, tools, and supplies. Your best option if you want excellent results is to contact the UK’s leading staircase parts provider for supplies,staircase handrails and technical help.

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