Building an Entertainment Center in Your Home

With most of us spending more time at home during the pandemic, even if you have never really considered creating a dedicated space for entertainment, it might start to seem like a more sensible idea these days. After all, do you really want to go back to sporting events or the movie theater? The steps below can help you decide what you need to achieve an entertainment space in the comfort of your own home.

Visualize Your Needs

Have you always dreamed of a home theater? Maybe gaming is your true love, or maybe you’ve been channeling your foodie tendencies into home cooking and you’d like a space to have dinner parties. Perhaps your friends are board game enthusiasts. If you live someplace where the weather is decent for a good part of the year, you might want an entertainment area that can expand into the outdoors. This could mean anything from creating a beautiful garden area for people to sit in, to building a pizza oven, to installing an outdoor pool and more. The key is to have a firm idea of what you want people to be able to do in your new entertainment space.


You also need to know how much you have to spend so you can scale your plans up or down accordingly. If your budget is looking a little lean, see if there are ways you can save money on your monthly expenses to put toward your remodel. For example, student loan refinancing can take years off what you owe, along with lowering your monthly payments. In just two minutes, you can find out whether you are eligible for lower interest rates.

Future Proofing

If your entertainment vision is a technology-heavy one, be sure to set it up in a way that will make upgrades easy and unobtrusive. Keep in mind that technology that allows you to connect to streaming services, the internet and more is only going to get faster and more seamless, and homes are only going to get smarter. You’ll want room for your screens to get bigger and ducts that are easily accessible to run additional cables through as necessary.

Consider Design

Your entertainment space is not just about what you can do in it, but how it looks and the feeling you want to convey. In other words, you need to think about form as well as function. Does your dream home theater include cinema seats? Do you want your dinner guests to feel like they’ve walked into a dining room out of the roaring twenties? Do you want to get furniture that is specially designed for gamers? What kind of lighting do you want? What color should your walls be? Does the room need to be versatile enough to accommodate the activities and wishes of different family members?

Storage and Sound Absorption

These are two important factors you should keep in mind that can make a huge difference in how enjoyable and useful the room is. You’ll want ample space to keep things like movies and games organized. Soundproofing the room or at least filling it with sound-absorbing material, such as thick rugs and heavy curtains, means that you can turn up the volume as much as you want without disturbing anyone else in the house.

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