BISSELL vacuum cleaner review

It is a great experience having companion animals. Pets are the best stress-relievers for people. Caring for a pet and playing around with it is one of the best things you can engage yourself with. Unluckily, companion animals, particularly those with very long fur, shed animal hair frequently. You might not ever get exhausted from spending moments with your companion animal. But you will soon get exhausted from cleaning the animal’s fur. While there are various models and brands of pet vacuum cleaners, some brands such as Bissell, Shark, and Dyson are the best for cleaning up pet fur.

The Bissell vacuum cleaner is the best brand suitable for cleaning up companion animal’s fur. This article provides an ultimate review of everything you need to know about this equipment. You may also look for others Bissell Vacuum Cleaner reviews out there.

Key features

Filtration: the 3-stage filtration scheme is a notable feature in this machine. The filters might be washed by just tapping when you pour out contents in the dirty cup. On the other hand, they ought to be, or they can be cleaned at periodic intervals.

The primary step of the filtration system procedure is in the mesh filter when massive particles are trapped. The next step is concerned with a pleated filter, and then the ultimate is made of froth. You can also try to tap the gathered filter on the dirt container when you pour out contents from the trash cup. Make sure to frequently wash out the filters according to the recommendations of the manufacturer. You can also use the mild cleanser dissolved in water to clean the filters.

Noise levels: its operation is relatively much quieter compared to a more powerful stick, coded vacuum cleaners. Well, it has a very annoying whine, but we should, however, expect a certain level of noise from the cleaner.
Battery life: the battery life of this machine might not be as long as several other cleaners, particularly the robot and upright models. Those kinds of models can operate for up to ninety minutes per session, while the Bissel will just run for fifteen to twenty minutes per session. However, the twenty minutes of the active session for this machine is quite sufficient for spot-cleaning tasks.

Dust cup: this is another fundamental feature of this machine that potentially puts it as the best pet vacuum cleaner. It has a relative volume of 0.7l, but emptying it per session would optimize its performance. The dust cup is a convenient and transparent feature for identifying the quantity of trash you have gathered.


• Excellent performance on upholstery
• 5-year guarantee period
• Functions well on hard surfaces and carpets
• No special equipment needed
• Efficient quick-release that enables you to access unreachable areas
• Highly-maneuverable cleaner head


• The LED light cannot identify the battery level
• filters are costly and mostly unavailable
• Battery charging and wall mount station not offered
• The cleaner is not quite convenient while lifting heavier and bigger debris

Bottom line

BISSELL vacuum is an excellent cleaning device that is easy to use with direct controls and the light that regularly transits color to offer you the status. Also, it is relatively flexible, and at just one kilogram, even older adults and frail can utilize it. With this lithium-ion handheld cordless vacuum device, you get a range of valuable features, including the dirt cup that holds over 0.7 liters of trash.

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