What are the various types of double glazing to choose from?

You can find different varieties of double glazed windows in the market. Depending on your wish, you can choose anyone for your houses. In this article, let us discuss some of these types in brief. 

Tilt and turn double glazing

If you have children in your home, you should consider a tilt and turn style of double glazing as it provides better safety. In this type of window, there will be an option to tilt the window from the top to the extent we wish. If required, we can open it completely using a hinge that is available at the bottom. There will be a dual-hinge system that helps in the operation of the window. You can set the hinge so that it allows only one of the above-mentioned opening methods. If you set it for tilting, you could not open the window completely. Else, you could not make it stand tilted. The advantage of the tilting option of this window is that your home will get the necessary air circulation from the top and there is no threat of your children falling through it accidentally. Although adults can change the hinge lock easily to open the window fully, children could not do that with their capacity. Hence, this style of double-glazed window is highly preferable for homes that have small kids. The advantage of the option to open the window fully is that you can clean the glasses easily by standing inside your home. 

Casement windows

Casement windows are undoubtedly the most popular type of double glazing windows in the industry. You can get a lot of light inside your home when you install this type of window. If your home has several darker rooms, you can consider employing these windows to get some sunlight. As there will be several window openings in the set, you can find different designs that allow you to operate the windows in different ways. Either you will find the hinge at the top that lets you open the window towards your side, or you will see a hinge down the side that will allow you to open the door outwards. Likewise, there will be several ways you can operate these doors of the casement windows. You can get to know the available varieties from the website or catalog of the service provider or home contractor. Although there are several varieties and benefits for these windows, they are the cheapest in the market. Hence, the popularity of the style is high. 

Vertical sliding 

Mostly you can find this style of windows in older and traditional buildings. They will be predominantly large and wide window spaces. You can identify this type with the vertical sliding mechanism to open these large windows. There will be frames made of wood or PVC that will have two glass sheets that can slide vertically. If you need to open, you can use the extensions or the lever to push up the slide of glass. The sashes will be easily movable, and you do not need to eat more to open the window. PVC frames can be beneficial than the wooden types as the maintenance costs will be less, and they will not wear out sooner. Also, your windows will not dance when there is heavy wind. You will not see these windows getting stuck frequently. However, there will be proper protection so that the sliding glass will not fall on its own. 

Georgian bar

This style of double-glazed windows has got its name due to the predominant use in the houses of Georgia. These windows will look like a collection of miniature panes attached. But there will be only a few units. They would have used the same material of the frame to make small boundaries as if there were compartments along with the window unit. If you open any of these units, all the visually-different panes will move at once. Since the compartments are made of small bars from the frame material, the style is known as a Georgian bar. If you wish to give a period look to your home, you can choose this style of double glazing.

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